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The Lib Dems Won It! 


(11 July 2008)


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Borough Council officials had been at the Pinder Hall since 6.30am on By Election day Thursday 10 July 2008. At 10pm the polls closed and it was ready for the count.

The Lib Dem Team

There were two distinct groups watching the count. A Lib Dem huddle for Fiona Hewer and another huddle supporting Nigel Topping - Independent. The third candidate Beryl McNeaney, Independent, had not turned up, perhaps she felt that she would not win.

The Nigel Topping Support Group

The count took just an hour and at 11pm everyone was ready for the results. The returning officer announced that the turnout had been 977 which is 33.98% of the people entitled to vote. This included quite a large number of postal votes. 


Fiona Hewer


Beryl McNeaney


Nigel Topping


Winner Fiona Hewer with her Partner Rob

It was thought that this was the largest turnout for many years. Apparently Cookham is a lot more enthusiastic about elections than other areas in Berkshire.

Loser (until next time) Nigel Topping

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