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(30 August 2002)

The B4447 across Cookham Moor has been closed for the last ten days for the Thames Flood Relief System, but is now open to traffic again.  It was necessary to create a raised area to stop the flow of water during times of flooding.  The raised area is on the part of the road that runs past the Crown.
floodr1.jpg (47136 bytes)

The new raised level of road under construction

It was decided not to allow vehicles along the Causeway during the work, as cracks are appearing in the bridge over the Fleet.

The Environment Agency started the flood relief building in Cookham at the end of May 2002 and are currently building a wall along Marsh Meadow and along the side of the Thames by Bellrope Meadow.  There was the option of a wall or a bunde, but residents of Berry's Road preferred a wall as the footpath would have been along the top of the bunde allowing walkers to look into their gardens.

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The new wall along the side of the Sailing Club

The Environment Agency have admitted that the Moor will be flooded more often with the new defence system in place.  Sadly they have had to take down an old two hundred year old wall along the Thames to complete the work.  One wonders what would have happened if the Marsh Meadow car park had been in existence, as currently parts of Marsh Meadow look like the Apocalypse.
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The Environment Agency work site in Marsh Meadow

Marsh Meadow before the arrival of the Environment Agency

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