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Is Liam Gallagher Coming to Cookham?

(6 November 2003)

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Rumours have been going around Cookham that Liam Gallagher may be coming to live here.  Today the rumours were backed up by a visit from the BBC.

The Parish Clerk, Janet Wheeler, is interviewed by the BBC

Janet Wheeler, Clerk to the Parish Council, was first to be interviewed.  The interviewer asked if she was happy having a foul mouthed type of person such as Liam Gallagher coming to live in Cookham.  Janet said that he would be very welcome as anyone would be who wished to live in such a special village. She also suggested that he might like to be a Parish Councillor.

Cllr Gordon Harris is interviewed

Councillor Gordon Harris was interviewed next, followed by the Chairman of the Parish Council Dick Arthur. The piece will be shown on BBC3 and on BBC2 on Saturday.  The question is, will Liam Gallagher really come and live in Cookham Dean?

The gathering in the Community Centre

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