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(with consultation document)

(4 August 2010)

On Monday 26th July the Royal Borough came to talk to Cookham residents about possible crossing places along Lower Road. A good number of people turned up to the meeting at the Community Room in High Road along with Parish Councillors. Tony Carr, Traffic and Road Safety Manager, RBWM, presented traffic speed data from Lower Road and then described the technical feasibility of options for creating safer pedestrian crossing places and reducing traffic speed. Tony talked about the five different types of crossing and also the historical measurements of speed and accidents along Lower Road. There were also questions and discussions when one of the preferred areas for crossing appeared to be the area on Station Hill around Country Store, Elizabeth House, Nationwide and the Parade, rather than the Lower Road options.

Cookham residents can have their say on forms available from the library or Hillcrest Stores.  The Royal Borough have produced a consultation document. They have now sent a copy so you don't have to go to pick one up from the Library or Hillcrest Stores. It needs to be filled in by 13th August, so you can print it off and send it FREEPOST to the Town Hall.

Word document: Road Cookham Questionaire 26 07 2010.doc
PDF File: Road Cookham Questionaire 26 07 2010.pdf

Send by mail or e-mail to Tony Carr Traffic and Road Safety Team

Below are two suggestions put forward from the Royal Borough, a traffic calming hump by the Medical Centre and a pedestrian crossing by the Post Office.

Road calming by the Medical Centre (click for larger image)

Raised Zebra Crossing by the Post Office (click for larger image)

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