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Cookham Regatta Sizzles

posted 6 September 2004

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( with thanks to Lynda Mallet)



The hottest day of the summer produced one of the best Cookham Regattas ever.  Thousands of people came out to enjoy a terrific day on the river. 
A new category of races was the family race. The Mallett maniacs showed how not to do it when Billy Mallett led his family round and round in circles!

The Canoe Cats, Dongolas and dragon boats were as popular as ever and Charles Benson's commentary was typically barmy! 

The Rotary club  were delighted with the turn out, and the crowds on the shore enjoyed tug of war and volleyball matches as well as BBQs, vintage cars, the Bisham band, Rotary train trips and laser shooting. 

For some it was a chance to catch up on a dose as well as sunbathe!

Bev Revie and her pals showed Cookham style with their stylish pink wine glasses, and one of the teams had a lucky mascot in flaming pink wig!

Rosie Smith was a lucky mascot and helmsman in her family race 

Well done the Rotary club for organising a wonderful day, three cheers for the crews for their eccentric racing and thank you God for the glorious weather!

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