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no larger photo availableAnnual Colonel Garrett Cup

(18 July 2004)

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In spite of the weather forecast the rain held off for the annual Cricket Colonel Garrett cup. This year it was to support both the arthritis charity ARC and also Multiple Sclerosis.  

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Ready for action

There were ten teams in all, seven Cookham pubs and restaurants, the Crown, Uncle Tom's, the Jolly Farmer, the Inn on the Green, Maliks, Cookham Tandoori and the Old Swan Upper, plus the Social Club, Football Club and a team from Wakelins End.
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Watching a quiet Sunday afternoon's  cricket

The teams were six-a side, although more players were allowed.  No more than two regular cricketers were allowed in any team however.
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Activities for the Children

In addition to the cricket there were lots of activities for the younger members, with a bouncy castle and lots of games and activities. 
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John Bowley Collects the Empties

There were several watering holes selling Pimms, beer and also a wine tasting opportunity layed on by Stratfords in Cookham High Street. John Bowley from the Cricket Club seemed to spend his time gathering up trays of empty glasses.
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The Jolly Farmer are in to Bat

The teams were divided into two leagues of five teams each with a complicated scoring system based on runs. The winners of the first league then play the winners of the second league.
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The ARC Stall

The Colonel Garrett Cup was again held in aid of ARC (Arthritis Research Campaign) as one of the charities and Viv Foss from ARC came along to join in the fun. 
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Viv Foss's Father Came Along too

There was also a tasty barbecue which seemed to be producing quite a lot of smoke to give the food the right flavour. 
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Beefburger Anyone?

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