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It's The Colonel Garrett Cup

(21 July 2008)

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It was another successful Colonel Garrett Cup organised by Cookham Dean Cricket Club with Viv Foss of ARC (Arthritis and Rheumatism Council). It took place on a sunny afternoon on 20 July 2008. Although there were some dark moments when it looked like rain, but luckily it never came.

The Sound of Leather and Willow

There were twelve teams this year, Maliks, Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Hylanders. Hillcrest Stores, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Social Club, The Ferry, The Jolly Farmer, Dad's Army, The Odney Club, IDC Stumpy's and the Football Club.

A Good Afternoon Watching

There were lots of stalls supplying food and drink.

Grubs Up

There were also activities for the younger visitors. Although some decided to organise their own Cricket game.

Fun for the Kids

A good day was enjoyed by everyone with live music in the background and there was even discussions about next years Colonel Garrett Cup.

A Great Day

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