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Athletico Madrid v Cookham Dean

posted 14 April 2009 

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(with thanks to CDFC)


Friday April 10th 2009 became a historic date for Cookham when Cookham Dean's Under 12 Football Team took to the field at the floodlit Alcala De Henares Stadium to play Athletico Madrid's Academy.

The Athletico team enjoyed a two year age advantage which brought with it a distinct physical presence with a number of their boys towering at 5ft 10 ins plus. These imbalances did not weigh on the minds of the Cookham boys as they matched their European opponents trading tackle for tackle.

Athletico were happy to engage in the "dark arts" of shirt pulling and elbowing which Cookham took as a compliment and a sign that Athletico were not having everything their own way. Such tactics were directly responsible for Athletico taking the lead when one of the Cookham defenders was elbowed in the groin which took him out of the passage of play from which Atletico took the lead.

The Cookham boys responded positively to this setback continuing to frustrate their continental opponents with the Cookham defense and midfield repelling wave after wave of attacks. It was not until the last ten seconds of the match that Athletico settled the tie scoring with the last kick of the game.
The final whistle blew and all of the Cookham Dean boys left the field with their heads held high to the applause of the Athletico supporters who formed a "line of honour" for the Cookham team.These Spanish supporters knew they had been involved in a tough match as the Cookham boys refused to yield to an Athletico team with such a high pedigree.


An Athletico parent sent the following e-mail to the Cookham Dean team. 

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