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Cookham Triumph in International Football Festival!

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(26 April 2005)

The Cookham Wanderers need a new trophy cabinet after a fantastic International football victory in Portugal!

We are the Champions

Yes, Cookham's leading footballers pulled off a legendary win at the Algarve Stadium when they beat the Beacon Dynamos 2 - nil in a classic nail biting encounter on a football, tennis, golf and vino tour of Portugal.

The Wanderers goals came from a looping header from Robin Trinder who latched onto Alan Day's demon touch forward from David Tom's goal kick. 

Robin celebrated with wonderful premiership style somersault!

In the second half, another assist from Alan saw Stevie Smith catch the ball 20 yards out, turn and blast it into the right hand corner beyond the grasp of the Beacon goalie! 

It's a Goal

Best Result Ever

David Tom said "This is our best result ever!"  and Wanderers tour leader and captain Colin Robinson was delighted that the singing afterwards " 2-nil to the Wanderers" led to some glum expressions on the previously party faces of the Buckinghamshire boys!

Cookham's goalie - Paddy King made some fine saves

What a Save

Goalie Paddy King

and couldn't resist attributing Cookham's victory "The fact Beacon Dynamos stayed out til 4 am the night before and we were tucked up in bed by 3 had effect at all! The sardines and vino verde helped a bit but frankly we won because it was our turn. After 8 international tours it's time we came home with something to show our friends and families!"
The Cookham Wanderers will be signing autographs at the Trinity Festival and showing off their bruises and their trophy this weekend

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