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Opening Night of Portraits of Cookham

(6 June 2002)

Thursday 6th June saw the opening night of Timmy Mallett's 50 Protraits of Cookham exhibition at the new Cookham Community Centre. The Portraits are all of 'Cookham characters'. Looking at the paintings one recognises so many, but just did not have their names. This exhibition gives a real insight into the incredible talent that there is in Cookham and the enthusiasm and community spirit that makes it such a special place in which to live. Against each painting is a short biography of the individual which is a work of art in itself.


For the opening all the 'characters' in the portraits had been invited along. Meridian Television was also there, along with the press. A wonderful selection of Indian delicacies had been prepared by Maliks, there was something that resembled a sea cucumber, but it turned out to be peppers stuffed with cheese, which was delicious. Richard Manzano had prepared colourful starters and Stratfords had supplied the wine. The beer and glasses were from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Malik, Richard Manzano and also Mark Hook from the CIM were all subjects for Timmy's portraits. There was a lso a Quiz devised by Billy Mallett which seemed to stun even the most stalwart. Questions such as how many earings can be seen and how many teeth, this question is probably referring to sets of teeth rather than individual ones!!


If you have not been able to see the exhibition yet get along to the new Community Centre next to Cookham Rise School. Timmy is not only a talented performer but also an extremely talented painter. His choice of colours really catch the imagination. Also you can admire the magnificent new Library and Community complex that is now at the heart of Cookham.

Father Michael Views some of the Portraits in the Corridor of the new Community Centre

Meridian Television Films Some of the Portraits

Rhonda and Sam from Cookham Dean Post Office enjoy some of the tasty deliciacies

Mandy Brar with her Husband Harry

The 'Cookham Characters' sit for a photo shoot

A Smiling Timmy Displays his Self Portrait

Charles Benson checks how well he did in Billy's Quiz

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