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A Happy Twinning Christmas

(30 November 2003)


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It was very much the festive spirit for the Cookham Twinning Christmas Party this year which took place at the Bel & the Dragon on Saturday 29th November.  After meeting for drinks at the bar a private room had been reserved for dinner. 

Clare Miller, Cookham Twinning Chairman

The Bel & Dragon served a three course dinner with coffee, people were allowed to make their choice of dishes on the day rather than having to decide beforehand and then for everyone to forget what they ordered when they actually arrive at the restaurant.  The evening was a sell out and the volume of noise increased with the level of alcohol consumed. 

  What a lot of glasses

Along with the coffee there was a draw for a bottle of champagne based on the number of your ticket and also a raffle with some extremely nice prizes. Heather Perry ensured that everyone purchased a ticket.  She said she was too old now to ask if people wanted a strip!!

 Heather offers a strip

After such an enjoyable evening, people were asking where the party would be next year.

  I won the champagne!!

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