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Entente Cordiale

(20 September 2005)


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On Sunday 18 September Cookham Twinning had a special Entente Cordiale to introduce Twinning to those who did not know what it is all about.  There was a free lunch with lots of French wine for all those who came along.  There was also a lot of red white and blue. An exhibition showing photos and maps of St Benoit, Cookham's twin in France, was on show and the entente cordiale was very much to the fore, although the le vin did help with the bonhommie.

The Red White and Blue

A French Lunch

What is Timmy Doing?

'Allo 'Allo

It Seems a Bit Busy

Cookham Twinning is going to visit St Benoit from 21-24 October this year, if you would like to join the group or want to know more about Twinning phone 01628 525130 or e-mail: 

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