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Cookham Twinning Show Film "Plein Soleil"

Cookham Twinning chose the Pinder Hall for their venue to show the film 'Plein Soleil'. 'The Talented Mr Ripley' was based on 'Plein Soleil' and apparently has the same ending. The rest of the film had that incredible French touch which is so different from the American blockbuster. The French don't glamorise, they show life how it really is, which makes their directors so outstanding. Luckily the film had English subtitles, so it was understood by all. One person said that he had come because he had been told by a member of the Twinning Committee that it was steamy, the Committee member said no, she had said Smoky, not Steamy!! 

Cookham Twinning Events Team member, Heather Perry, serves behind the bar. The duck rillettes and baguettes were a free taster, but is that really French wine?
The Pinder Hall used to be the venue for a film society for many years and the then Chairman, Dick Hurley with his wife Molly, came along and reminisced on days gone by.  
Dennis Harris was the projectionist for the evening. Dennis had been involved with the Film Society when it had been in Cookham. It was then transferred to Maidenhead, but it was felt that it was never the same as when it had been at the Pinder Hall. The film had been rented from the British Film Institute on 16mm, in glorious colour. As there was only one projector an interval was held during reel changes.

Everyone was able to sit down with a glass, or in some cases with a bottle of wine, crisps and choc ices were also on sale. There were three reels each lasting about forty minutes, so two intervals. In the second one a raffle was held with some French prizes such as haricot blancs in goose fat, French wine vinegar aux shallottes and a painting by Claude Monet (a copy not an original), plus of course red and white wine.  All those who went said what a thoroughly enjoyable evening it had been.


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