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French Visitors in Cookham for 'Allo'een

(2 November 2002)


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The annual family visit between Cookham and our twin St Benoit in France took place over the weekend of 25 to 28 October 2002. This year the French were visiting Cookham.  They arrive by Eurostar which has made the journey a lot easier.  Saying that they were to be picked up at Windsor only for the Cookham hosts to discover that there had been a fire somewhere between Waterloo and Windsor which had held the train up.  Undismayed the group made their way to the station wine bar.  Eventually the group arrived and everyone made their way home to dinner.

Lauren Julien, a retired Chemistry lecturer, at dinner with John and Kathy Rickman

The following day was a trip to London and a visit to the Tower.  Everyone gathered at Maidenhead station, only to discover that the train had been cancelled, however there was another one along a few minutes later. In spite of rumours of gales, the weather stayed fine and the group were able to take in the pleasures of the Tower, visit the Crown Jewels and have a thoroughly enjoyable day. 


In the evening many of the group decided to visit the pub and over thirty people gathered at the King's Head in Little Marlow.  The weekend was becoming rather alcoholic.

   Julia Bysshe and Jean Phillipe Gobain enjoy a pint of bitter

The French discovered there were three different bitters and so decided to try them all.

  Paul Faugerons finds it easier to buy bitter by the jug full. Obviously a new EU measure.

After a wind swept night, the Sunday started with church for some followed by pre lunchtime drinks at the home of Cookham Twinning's president, Richard Simmonds.  After gale force winds, trees and branches were strewing the road and the Simmonds house had no electricity, however this did not deter anyone as candles were produced.
visit28.jpg (124145 bytes)

  Everyone gathers outside the Simmond's house in the gale force winds

The final evening had arrived and with that the Allo'een Party with entertainment from Val Rice et ses amis.

Judy Trinder poses for photo for the Bucks Free Press with her son. Do you think there is a family resemblence?

The Pinder Hall had been decorated in true Halloween fashion. Bats, vampire fang sweets and skull chocolates.

A gathering of ghouls, ghosts, witches and Clare Miller!!

Val Rice and Friends entertained everyone with both French and English poems, songs and short skits, which received tumultuous laughs.

Val Rice and Peter Hughes set up the equipment with the help of witch Linda Stone

All too soon it is time to say Goodbye.  The visitors leave from Cookham for Waterloo to take the Eurostar home to St Benoit.  It is now for Cookham to plan their visit for 2003 to France.

au revoir 

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