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Cookham Twinning 2006

Tuesday 31st October 2006

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It was a fun packed weekend for Cookham Twinning from 27-30 October. Visitors from Cookham's French twin, St Benoit, arrived in Cookham on Friday evening in time for drinks at the Cookham Social Club and then on to the hosts' houses for dinner. There were 25 visitors this year who stayed in Cookham residents' homes. The ages ranged from 10 years old to retired.                          

Saturday was a visit to London, some of the group went to the National Gallery to see the CÚzanne and Velasquez exhibitions, while others took a tour round and London and a boat trip down the Thames, plus shopping. Some rushed home to see the Mikado at Eton College in the evening, while others either went out to dinner or had dinner with their hosts.




Sunday morning with the hour change some people went to church and this was followed by a gathering at the Community Room behind the Library in High Road where an aerial photo of St Benoit was unveiled by the Mayor of St Benoit, a short talk was given by Mike Wellman the Vice Chairman of the Parish Council. Mike also presented the mayor with a painting of Cookham. Everyone was given a glass of English wine which was much appreciated. Also Geoffrey Copas had given some of his apple juice for those who felt it may be a bit early to start drinking.



It was then on to Harleyford Golf Club for a magnificent lunch, with more drinks beforehand. Many of the Cookhamites had not visited the area before so it was a first for everyone.


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The afternoon had a choice, there was rifle shooting at Marlow's Rifle and Pistol club, a walk along the Thames or Music at the Barn, the music this time being Elgar.




At six o'clock it was drinks with the Twinning President Richard Simmonds at his home, so more drinks although this time it was French wine although a Spanish one had slipped in by mistake.




Then on to the Crown on the Moor, where the function room had been set up with a Scalextric.  In addition there were platefuls of tapas for which the Crown have become reknowned. For a stalwart few there was then karaoke, where Timmy Mallett did a rendition of his Itsy Bitzy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot bikini. 




All to soon is was time to say Goodbye. Everyone left happy some having made new friends and others met up again with old ones. The next get together is the Christmas Party at Little India (previously Ponchanad) on 26 November for Sunday lunch. Everyone is welcome.



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