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Entente Cordiale

28th October 2009

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with thanks to Genevieve Usher

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This traditional dance was done by one of the band at the last night supper

 Chris Underhill playing one of his pieces at the concert

Although it was a rainy evening the Cookham visitors were warmly received at the Town Hall by the Mayor and the Twinning Committee. Peter Bysshe said a few words on our behalf before we were whisked off by our hosts to be wined and dined in true French style

The highlight of the visit was a concert by G & T. Genevieve Usher, Tamara Migrina and their accompanist/pianist Chris Underhill. Whilst the trio practised for the evening's performance the other Cookhamites visited La Rochelle with thier hosts. Having seen the aquarium  they retired to a
restaurant before walking round this beautiful seaside town with its stunning architecture and chic lifestyle.

French cuisine is second to none and our hosts did not stint in their hospitality. Chris and Helena Underhill stayed with Valerie Gateau, who has a passion for cooking, much to the delight of her guests.

The concert on Saturday evening was themed as 'A world tour'. It included a variety of musical styles from traditional to opera, sung in Ukranian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, English, French and German, including a song from The U.S.A. Chris also played a piece by a Czech composer as well as French,
English and American pieces . It was fitting that our tour finished in France with an operatic duet in honour of our hosts, who gave the trio a standing ovation as they took their final bow with Joel Blaud, Head of French twinning.

Sunday was a day spent at leisure with our respective hosts. We explored the impressive sights of Poitiers as well as St Sauvin (a UNESCO monastery), Chauvigny (a hilltop medieval town with five castles) and Montmorillon (famous for its yummy macaroons)

After a successful visit we were again wined and dined by our hosts and other members of the French twinning group. It was time to renew old friendships and cement new ones. A local group of musicians played traditional folk music and the evening ended with dancing. The British guests were pleased to have a couple of accomplished dancers in Peter and Penny Bysshe, who glided round the floor with ease. If you would like to savour the delights of Saint Benoit, make new friends and enjoy a Gallic
experience, then contact Liz Kwantes on 01628 525130, you will not be disappointed!

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