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Cookham Twinning 2011

Updated Saturday 5 November 2011 

with thanks to Keith le Page and Genevieve and Nicholas Usher

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It was Cookham's Twin Town St Benoit's turn to act as hosts in 2011. So a group of Cookhamites made their way to France by train, plane and car. This year the trip was a week earlier which meant that the flights direct to Poitiers which is very close to St Benoit were still running. 

Everyone arrived at St Benoit on Friday 21st when a reception was held by the mayor at the Mairie, where all the visitors were welcomed. and presented with some beautiful books about the history of St Benoit. Cookham gave a present of a tea caddy commemorating the Royal Wedding.

On the Saturday there was a visit to Cognac, with a barrel making demonstration. 

After watching the barrels for the cognac being made there was an excellent lunch followed by a trip to Martel, where there was the possibility of trying out the contents of some of the bottles..

In the evening there was a concert at St Benoit's ancient church given by Genevieve Usher from Cookham Dean performed with friends who had also come from UK. They had even taken a Welsh harp over with them. 


On the Sunday everyone was entertained by their hosts and visits were made to the Loire and other areas around St Benoit. It then came to a big, final dinner before everyone left for UK on the Monday..

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Everyone left happy some having made new friends and others met up again with old ones.


Cookham Twinning has French classes you may like to join. Also there will be a visit to France next year, so if you want more information about Twinning call 01628 525130 or email

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