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Cookham Twinning 2013

2 November 2013

with thanks to Sue le Page and Christine Kronfli


This year it was the turn of Cookhamites to visit St Benoit. Everyone arrived in France on Saturday 26 October, some by train, some by car and one by plane. The youngest being six and the oldest being over seventy.

Chloe at the Station

On the Sunday in the morning there was a visit to Chateau de Chernonceau, thought to be one of the most beautiful chateaus on the Loire. 
After the morning visit there was an excellent lunch and then a trip to Chateau Le Clos Luce at Amboises, where Leonardo da Vinci spent his final years. There is a living museum with around forty models of the various machines designed by Leonardo.
In the evening there was a party with some lively musical entertainment. At the beginning of the evening gifts were exchanged and a copy of the Cookham Village plan was given to the French. The Cookham visitors all received books about St Benoit, and also St Benoit scarves.
On the Monday there was a visit to the Futuroscope, the Park of the Moving Image, France's answer to Disneyland Paris. Some of the more adventurous tried dancing with robots....
Some of the older people decided to go and visit the old town of Poitiers which is very close to St Benoit and is steeped in history.

The Ancient Town of Poitiers

It was home on Tuesday after a weekend that was enjoyed by all.

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