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Ayoush Support the Cookham Youth Project

(19 November 2011)

Ayoush, the North African restaurant in Bourne End, played host to a Charity Evening for the Cookham Youth Project. The evening had been organised by the Mayor of Maidenhead and Windsor's charity idea which is being organised by his sister Miss Naheed Majeed, who has been working incredibly hard to get restaurants around the Borough involved. She has even got a car wash to support the Mayor's Charity scheme. Several Cookham restaurants are also supporting the scheme including the Bel and the Dragon, who will have an charity evening for Elizabeth House and the Cookham Tandoori. 

The restaurant was packed and the Mayor went round talking to everyone. There were some wonderful mezzes which kept coming and coming, houmus, aubergine, haloumi kebabs, beef, lamb sausages, chicken wings plus other Moroccan specialities. There was also colourful entertainment in the shape of belly dancers.





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