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Break in at Cookham Dean Cricket Club

(17 July 2003)

The Cookham Dean Cricket Club had a break in between Wednesday 16 July and Thursday 17 July. Two sheds and two garages were broken into, but it appears that nothing of value was stolen. In one of the garages they tried to get in through the roof and the other one they broke a padlock and the door lock. 

One of the sheds broken into belongs to the Cookham Youth Project where they kept barbecue and games equipment. The only thing that does seem to have disappeared is the padlock itself!!

If anyone can give the police any updates the crime number is LC1726883/03, phone 01628 645645.

wpe7C.jpg (42677 bytes)

The Cookham Dean Cricket Club and the Cookham Youth Project sheds that got broken into.

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