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Carry On Camping

(20 September 2008)

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After the successful camping trip last year the Cookham Youth Club decided to have a repeat trip this year. Again the rain made it all look a bit miserable but on Friday 16 September everyone gathered at the Cricket Club for the trip to Swiss Farm Camping at Henley-on-Thames.  

Got Everything?

Everyone made their way to Henley by car, with some coming a little later. On arrival it was discovered that the actual camping area was wet, very wet. In fact so wet one of the cars got stuck and had to be pushed out of the mud. This did not deter anyone and the tents were laid out.


Where shall we put the tents?

There were three tents one for the girls one for the Youth Workers and one for the boys. There were a few problems in actually putting them up which did take quite a while.



Anyone Know How to Put These up?

After an hour or so the tents were up although there did seem to be a problem on heights somehow with it seemed missing poles and groundsheets, but it can always be sorted out tomorrow. A trip by the girls to Tesco's meant that there was breakfast for everyone.

Getting Started

The camp site has excellent facilities particularly the washing area. Also there was a bar and area where there were pool tables and a large plasma television with Sky.



A Bit of Relaxation

There was a swimming pool but unfortunately it was closed for the winter the day we arrived, which was sad as the weather was excellent and everyone could have done with a little cooling off.

Wot No Swimming?

Everyone agreed that Swiss Farm was a good place to visit although September may not be the best month. We had tried to book for August but they had suggested September would be better.

It was decided to go camping again in 2009 and possibly go to Wellington Park on the way to Basingstoke.


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