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The Youth Project Goes Camping

(19 August 2007)

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It was a first for the Cookham Youth Project, a group of fourteen people went camping in the grounds of Woodrow High House near Amersham meeting at Cookham station on Saturday 18th August and coming back the Sunday evening. The Youth Project had made a visit to France in 2000, but that was the last time they had gone away, mainly deterred by increasing health and safety requirements. 

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Gathering at the Station

Everyone made their way to Woodrow High House by car. Everyone had their camping gear, food and games with them. Also several tents. The scouts had suggested a kit list, as several of the young people had never been camping before.  A flotilla of cars then made their way to Amersham. Woodrow High House is owned by Youth for London. It was originally purchased for the Boys' Brigade in the 1940s and can be used for youth activities by schools and clubs.


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Woodrow High House

The camping area included benches, a camp fire, a barbecue, a covered area and tables. It was in lovely wooded surroundings with lots of room to run around.



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Arriving at the Camp Site

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Getting Started

On arrival the first thing that needed to be done was to erect the tents. There were quite a few to put up, some of which were quite grand with sleeping and living areas. It seemed that some of the young people had done it before so it did not take that long to put them all up.



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Tent City Starting to Take Shape

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Finishing Touches

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Let's Have Some Fun

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Just Like Home

It was then time to explore and to enjoy themselves. A barbecue was planned for the evening, but then it started to rain, although it did not dampen the mood.  Woodrow High House offered the use of some of their facilities, so the group were able to use the Coca Cola and coffee machines and sit in the dry. Although they managed to have a barbecue on the Saturday evening and even lit a camp fire. Everyone agreed that they would like to do it again.

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Rain Stopped Play


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