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Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

(25 May 2005)

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After the success of the Didgeridoo Workshop during the Trinity Festival, Kerry and Dean made a visit to the Cookham Youth Club on Monday 23 May to show some of the young people how they can also play the didgeridoo.


Although the group was estimated to be around ten, there were nearly double that number which meant that the eleven didgeridoo needed to be shared.


Declan, one of the members of the Youth Club, was first to have a go.  It turned out that he had lived in Australia and already knew how to play one, although as Declan said 'Not everyone in Australia plays the didgeridoo, also not everyone in Australia can surf!!'.

Dean Gets Everyone to Have a Go

We Have Run Out of Didgeridoos

Is This How You Do It?

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