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Halloween at the Youth Club

Monday 30th October 2005

(7 November 2005)



Halloween and a collection of weird characters turned up the the Youth Club at the Cookham Dean Cricket Club, ghosts, vampires, devils, witches seemed to abound with a skeleton that had blood running down its face.  There were an abundance of spiders and ectoplasm too. 




There were games where sweets had to be picked up with your teeth from a plate of flour, people were blindfolded and had to put their hands into a choice of pumpkins one of which had sweets in it while the others had blood, brains and entrails, or was it tomato ketchup, jelly and flour and water. Everyone then got very wet ducking for apples and out of breath playing musical chairs. Even the sweets had a Halloween them in the shape of skulls with red centres.


If you want to know more about the Youth Club see the Cookham Youth Project Webpage


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