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(27 July 2004)

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Monday 26 July the Mobile Leisure unit supplied by the Royal Borough arrived on Alfred Major slightly late as there had been a minor hiccup on opening the gates for the large vans to get in. However the skateboard jumps and other facilities were soon set up and around twenty young people were soon enjoying themselves.

Skateboarding Jumps

The Royal Borough was accompanied by BACYP (Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People) who had all sorts of activities. 

Some Netball Practise

Glass decoration was one of the possible things that could be tried out.

Do you like the Glass?

A very popular activity was the Suomo wrestling, although it might have been a bit hot in the padded clothes that the contestants had to wear.

8-9-10 Out

There was also an information area with CDs, leaflets and games.
The project has been organised by the Royal Borough, the Parish Council and the Cookham Youth Project.  If you want more information about the Cookham Youth Project click here
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