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Where is the Skateboarding?

(24 August 2005)

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22 August was a cold, wet day, it was also the first day of the Mobile Leisure Unit supplied by the Royal Borough and the Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People (BACYP) and sponsored by the Royal Borough, Cookham Parish Council and Cookham Youth Project. BACYP coming from Reading managed to find Alfred Major, but found it empty, so Monday was somewhat of a washout.


Tuesday the sun shone and BACYP were there with their Splat facilities consisting of various outdoor facilities with lots of coloured 'thing's to pay with. However where was the skateboarding ramps? It seemed that one of the Royal Borough employees had reported in sick so only the trailer was available. Even the video equipment was still in its boxes. However by lunch time a back up was found, so the Leisure Unit was in full swing. Wednesday the heavens opened again.


The Unit is here until Friday, we are told that the weather will improve for the weekend. 

This is Quite Hard

You Do It Like This

We Can Use the Bank Instead

No Video Either?

The project has been financed by the Royal Borough, the Parish Council and the Cookham Youth Project.  If you want more information about the Cookham Youth Project click here
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