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Mayorial Visit Goes with a Bang

(12 October 2010)

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At the Monday Youth Club on 11 October the Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead dropped in to talk to the young people. The young people asked the Mayor questions for around half and hour. One young person wanted to know why planning permission had been turned down for a garage extension put forward by his parents. He also wanted to know if he became mayor whether he could then get the planning permission through. The Mayor explained that everyone has to keep to the rules, even David Cameron cannot ignore the law, the reply was 'Tony Blair did!'.   

There was a conversation about what sort of facilities they would like to see in Cookham, this seemed to vary from a swimming pool to an ASDA. The idea of having films shown at the Pinder Hall seemed a possibility however.

As the Mayor left, there was a flash of fire followed by a large explosion and then smaller bangs which sounded like pistol shots. There was also a police helicopter overhead. Police cars and the Fire Engine then appeared. It seemed that some people had stolen a car run it down the field by the Cricket Club and then set it on fire. It seemed that there was another car that they drove off in. It was assumed that the cars had been stolen, but this was not confirmed by anyone.

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