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(11 June 2004)

With thanks to Billy Mallett for the photos

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Is this the best we can do for a skateboard park In Cookham?   These lovely summer evenings are bringing out our kids to practice their jumps and turns and we say it's great. Just a shame there isn't a dedicated skateboard park for such talent.  Come on the Borough Council - where's our skatepark in Cookham please?!


The Royal Borough, Cookham Parish Council and the Cookham Youth Project are temporarily coming to the rescue for the week commencing 26 July The Cookham activities take place 26-30 July from 10.00 - 5.00 each of those days at Alfred Major Recreation Ground. The activities include Skate Parking - Mobile Youth Provision that has a wide range of outdoor games as well as Computer/games inside the van. The SPLAT Team from BACYP which offers a range of Art and Craft activities all of which are included.  In all 5 youth workers will be in attendance for the sessions. 

On the Wednesday a SUMO Wrestling Day is planned - if this passes the appropriate risk assessment on the venue and with the particular young people who attend.

If you want more information about the Cookham Youth Project click here

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