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Cookham Youth Forum

(11 May 2008)

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 On Thursday 8th May the Cookham Youth Project hosted a Cookham Youth Forum chaired by Theresa May MP to look at how Cookham could support its young people.  

There was a good attendance which included some of the young people that the discussion board has complained about that meet around the station. They commented on the abuse they had from some of the adults. 

The findings from the Forum are included here. If anyone would like to join in with any of the ideas or can offer some other ideas contact Liz Kwantes 01628 525130.


8 May 2008 Wesley Hall, Lower Road, Cookham 7.30pm – 9.30pm


(I)   "I'm Bored" - Facilities for Young People

a.      What we have now                                     

b.      Current Projects Under Consideration   

c.    What we would like to have in addition 

(II)  The Anti Social Behaviour Perception.

a.      The Facts                

b.      What We Could Do


(III) Action Plan


(IV) Attendees

(I)  "I'm Bored" - Facilities for Young People  

a. What we have Now

1.   Cookham Youth Project

·        Youth Club at Cookham Dean Cricket Club 11-14 years 7.30pm – 9pm. Also trips, camping, swimming, bowling, water sports and other activities


2.      Scout Group

·        6-16 years at Scout Hut and Camp Site

·        2 x Beaver colonies

·        2 x Cubs

·        1 x Scouts

·        1 x Explorers 14-16 years

·        Community Service


3.      Guides

·        1 x Rainbow

·        3 x Brownies

·        1 x Guides (10-14)


4. Cookham Dean Cricket Club

·        Colts (11-17) every week day  (Need adult help)


5. Cookham Dean Football Club

·        Under 11 at Alfred Major

·        Under 13 at Alfred Major


6. Cookham Reach Sailing Club

·        Possibility of a training programme for juniors however really require funding for RYA qualified coaches


7. Holy Trinity Activities

·        Teens Breakfast Club

·        Church choir

·        Holy Trinity Sunday Club


8. Cookham Library

·        Books, Computers


9. Basketball

·        Alfred Major basketball area and Maidenhead Leisure Centre


10. Martial Arts

·        Pinder Hall – Thursdays


11. RBWM – Local Authority

·        High Ropes Course at BCA

·        Outdoor Education project

·        Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

·        Mobile Units with Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People

·        Hurley Watersports

·        Music Making Workshops

·        Youth Opportunity Funding

·        Girls’ Football


12. Longridge Water Sports and Overnight Accommodation


13. Swimming at Odney


(I)  "I'm Bored" - Facilities for Young People

b. Current Projects Under Consideration

       1.      Expansion of Play Area on Alfred major (up to 12 years)

2.      12+ Fitness Centre at Alfred Major

3.      All weather outdoor table tennis at Alfred Major

4.      Goalposts for Football

5.      Parish Tour (third week in August 2008)

6.      Possible CCTV on Alfred Major

7.      Portable Lighting

8.      Youth Reach Volunteers

9.      Cookham Website Youth Page

10.  Cookham Advantage Card

(I)  "I'm Bored" - Facilities for Young People

c. What We Would Like to Have in Addition

  1. Parkour

  2. Skateboarding

  3. Small Room for Computer Games Challenge

  4. Jamming Sessions

  5. Chill Out Place

  6. 5-a-side Football

  7. Boxing Facility

  8. Tennis (possibility of half size Court)

  9. Badminton

  10. Volunteer adult help including trainers

  11. Funding

  12. Longridge as a Borough Facility including residential

  13. Texting training for adults

  14. Teen Scene Shelter

  15. Use of the Crown Function Room

  16. Car Maintenance

  17. Gym

  18. Transport to Activities in Other Areas

(II)  The Anti Social Behaviour Perception


  • There has been a 24% drop in crime

  • Young people come to Cookham from other areas because they feel safe

  • Bureaucracy eg Health and Safety, CRB requirements can be a barrier to activities

  • Finding adults to invest their time and act as role models for young people

  • Young people like to hang around but there is a perceived fear of groups of young people, particularly hoodies.

  • There are a small number of adults who Scream Blue Murder as they do not relate to the young people.

  • Problem times are Halloween and School holidays

  • Inter generation communications needs to be improved


(II)  The Anti Social Behaviour Perception

 b. What We Could Do

  • Young people could volunteer for Neighbourhood Action Group

  • Re-education required of the Scream Blue Murder individuals

  • Leaflet drop to young people before the summer holidays saying What’s On 

(III) Action Plan

1.      Improve Communications through:

·        Maidenhead Advertiser (Sonia Kapur)

·        Cookham Website (Philip Adamson)

·        Cookham Society Millenium Drum (Cookham Society)

·        Leaflets to young people for summer (PC de Haan and Liz Kwantes)

·        Texts to Young People of things going on

·        Directory of Activities (Parish Council/Liz Kwantes)


2.      Talk to the Crown about use of Function Room (Liz Kwantes)

3.      Parish Council Project on Alfred Major (Janet Wheeler)

4.      Find out about Parkour, Boxing, Gym, Martial Arts, Badminton (Liz Kwantes)

5.      Teen Scene Shelter (Parish Council)

6.      Transport to activities away from Cookham (Cookham Youth Project)

7.      Car Maintenance (Andy Pearce)

8.      5-a-side Football and other football ideas (Cookham Dean Football Club)

9.      Cricket Training Sessions in summer (Cricket Club)

10.  Use of Longridge (RBWM)

11.  Young Volunteers to Neighbourhood Action Group (PC de Haan)

12.  Cookham Advantage Card (Parish Council to talk to Steve at Nationwide)

13.  Tennis Facilities (Parish Council could consider half size court)

14.  Intergeneration communication Computer and texting Training (Kathy Rickman/Cookham Library/Elizabeth House)

15.  Other Inter generation communication. (Cookham Summer FM and the Millennium computer Cyber Café worked well, other ideas needed)

16.  Integrate youth requirements into the Cookham Plan (Parish Council)

(IV) Attendees 



Theresa May



Steve Taylor

Cookham Youth Project


Steve Holland

Cookham Youth Project


PC 2216 de Haan

NSO Cookham


Paul Taylor

Cookham Youth Project


Mark Walters

Cookham Dean Football Club


Hayley Barnes

Cookham Rise Primary School


Sue le Page

Cookham Guides


John Mellor

Cricket Club


Father Michael Smith

Holy Trinity & St John


Mel Poulter

Chair Cookham Scouts


Andy Pearce

GSL Cookham Scouts


Karen Usher

RBWM Library


Sonia Kapur

Maidenhead Advertiser


Mandy Brar

Cookham Parish Council


David Ricardo

Cookham Parish Council


Oliver Cunningham



Tom Breden



Max Oliver



Linda Chandler

Community & Youth RBWM


Janet Wheeler

Cookham Parish Council


Tony Hills



Kathy Rickman



Liz Kwantes



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