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The Internet Café celebrates ten exciting days

Everyone agrees that it was a great success!
"I have enjoyed my visit to the cybercafé in Cookham. It is in a lovely part of the village. I am looking forward to receiving some e mail soon. Thank you for all the help with surfing the net. A marvellous idea to celebrate the millenium".
Sue Rudge
"I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out this idea. Many thanks to Liz, the Parish Council, CIM and everyone else who has been involved. I have visited this café three times now.
Jenny Jerrum

"We think this is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to the mysteries of the NET! It has whetted our appetite to learn more and get on line. Thank you."
J & S Strachan

"I'm having a good time surfing on the net. It's an excellent idea. The cybercafé is really cool ! It is a great part of Cookham to have one. If it was done again I would certainly come back."
Natalie Trinder

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