The Cookham Book Club was started in 2015, we only have a few members, but we are keen to allow others to join. We meet every month (not August) at 20:00).


The book for this month is 

'The Book of Dust’ by Philip Pulman

Twenty-two years after the publication of his extraordinary novel The Golden Compass, a passport into an intoxicating universe of infinite marvels, Philip Pullman has returned to the parallel world he created with the first instalment in a new trilogy.


La Belle Sauvage opens a decade or so prior to the events of The Golden Compass. Eleven-year-old Malcolm Polstead, the son of an innkeeper, is an inquisitive, intelligent, and resourceful boy who spends his time helping out his parents, picking fights with Alice Polstrow, a cranky teenage girl who works at the inn, and loitering about at the Priory of Godstow, where the tolerant and kindly nuns give him free rein. His quiet life is abruptly upended by a series of events, beginning with his discovery of a mysterious message from Oakley Street, a secret society working in opposition to the increasingly authoritarian Church, which is tightening its hold on the government.


He is aided in his investigations by Dr. Hannah Relf, a Scholar studying the mysterious alethiometer, who recruits Malcolm as a sort of spy under the guise of loaning him books (charmingly, Agatha Christie and A Brief History of Time). When the infant Lyra comes into the care of the nuns, Malcolm is enchanted and dark forces convene in the form of the Consistorial Court of Discipline, a sinister and secretive arm of the Church, and the terrifying Gerard Bonneville, a disgraced experimental theologian with a sinister hyena daemon, a penchant for violence, and a disconcerting interest in Lyra. A devastating flood sweeps through Malcolm’s little world, and he, Alice, and Lyra escape in his beloved canoe, La Belle Sauvage, determined to carry Lyra to safety—and with Bonneville just behind them.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 8th February 2018 at the old Swan Uppers at 20:00

We have a Face Book Group 'Cookham Book Club' which is closed to members only. 

For further information contact 

Martin Garrett

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