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27 June 2000

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from Liz Kwantes

Speeding Limits in Cookham
Here we go again.
The current wave of government and media hype on speeding reaches Cookham.

Here are a number of points I'd like to make:
1. Motorists are NOT in the minority. Most people have access to, or rely on a car in some way - many of those who preach on about speeding believe their opinions don't apply to themselves.

2. Those people who do preach on have a lifestyle that means they don't travel long distances, and have no conception of how much driving others have to do for their jobs etc. they therefore believe that going 30mph everywhere is fine. Not if you are doing 250 miles a day and a full days work matey.

3. Speed limits everywhere are inappropriately applied - Cookham Dean school being a prime example. However, the "traffic calming" C!*P by Boulters lock both causes unnecessary angst - car drivers trying to miss the POORLY MARKED islands, rather than using their peripheral vision to watch for pedestrians walking out in front of them -, and is DANGEROUS. Which cretin thought of putting an traffic island just before / after a busy blind junction by the lock?

4. Roads have a "natural" speed limit. Putting artificially low limits only serves to raise money in speeding fines, and gives the local authorities a boost to their egos. - Place speed limits where there is a history of accidents - based on fact, not local dignatories flexing their muscles.

5. Speed in itself DOES NOT KILL. Inappropriate speed makes consequences of an accident worse. Lack of attention and concentration, indecision, poor signalling, and poor judgement do.

6. Those who do many miles keep out of peoples way. That means they will overtake those who they think are not concentrating, have just pulled out in front of them (who then invariably turn right at then next turning), who are chatting to the passenger, who look lost. This means they will exceed the speed limit, because it is the safe thing to do to get away from the potential hazard.

There are many more points - but that is enough for now!!

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