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Money Talks Competition

Your chance to WIN on Cookham Summer FM!!!

Ever thought you could invest money better than the pin striped yuppies in the City- well now's your chance to show them just how it is done.

Money Talks in conjunction with Stratfords Wine Agencies are offering you the chance to WIN a fabulous case of international wine by investing a notional £1,000.

All you have to do is choose your investment (see below), email us your choice and then wait for the money to roll in!!

The person who makes the most money from their notional £1,000 before the 5th July Wins a fabulous case of international wine from Stratfords Wine Agencies in the High Street.

So get your copy of the FT out , grab your calculator - or pin and email us at to let us know what investment you think will make the most money by Wednesday 5th July. Please put "Money Talks" in the subject box and a number we can call you on if you WIN !!!

Ever wondered what pensions are really about? Or why you are paying so much for your mortgage? Wonder no more! Ask the panel of local financial and legal experts on Money Talks. They will clearly explain all the issue and leave your wondering what all the fuss was about!

Presented by Ian Runcie, Independent Financial Advisor with Progressive Financial Planning Ltd -

Gavin Tisshaw Louise Hawes
An indpendent Financial Advisor with Executive Advisory Services Ltd
Solicitor with Fendom Dawson & Towner
01628 477808
Saturday Morning Sport Competition
17th June, guest star
Jim Rosethal
Win a signed photo and programme notes from the show
Which footbal team does Jim support?
24th June, guest stars
Derrick Sims (Cpt of Winter Hill Golf Club and Rory Gavin (Chr. of Cookham Dean Football Club)
Win 3 Calibre Pro 5 golf balls
Who is the Captain of the GBI and Europ Ryder Cup Team?
1st July, guest star
Simon Garner, Blackburn Rovers cult hero and stiker, Wycombe Striker
Win a signed copy of Simon's autobiography
What chant can still be heard on the Blackburn terraces about Simon Garner?
8th July, guest star
Sir Clive Woodward
Win a signed copy of Sir Clive's book: Winning
Which 4 premiership Rugby teams has Sir Clive Woodward been associated with?