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Title: Watch Your Garden Shed
Post by: Thames Valley Police on April 28, 2008, 01:28:32 PM
Just a reminder, that it's the time of year when increased numbers of garden sheds are targeted and broken into.  10 allotment sheds in Maidenhead were broken into in one night last week and allotments in Windsor have also been targeted.  Other allotments have also been targeted in the last few weeks, as have storage areas in churches where garden equipment is kept.

Many sheds whilst being of good construction, fall short on basic security. It is easy to unscrew the ironmongery, steal contents and in some cases replace the screws to make it look as if the shed has not been tampered with.

By using tamper proof screws or coach bolts together with a good quality pad-bar or hasp, staple and close shackled padlock, you can make it harder for the opportunist thief.  It is also a good idea to bond any window glass in with mastic to prevent easy removal and perhaps paint them white to prevent anyone seeing what is inside.

At this time of year secateurs, lawn movers, leaf blowers, chain saws and other tools are very easy to sell on.  You will have seen from recent Ringmaster messages, that shed breaks and garden tools are already going fast !

A few simple security tips include:

. Ensure all tools and equipment are locked away when not in use. High-quality locks should be used on gates and doors. Windows can be fitted with a grille or, as a cheaper alternative, chicken wire, to slow a thief down. A shed alarm can also be installed.

. Postcode or indelibly postcode all property such as lawnmowers using paint or engravers. A prominent pink postcode on a green mower, reduces its sale price considerably
. Installing security lighting as a deterrent, and plants such as thorny shrubs to act as a barrier at potential access points.