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Title: GWR new timetable
Post by: aj on January 03, 2018, 02:54:37 PM
I overheard two people last year on the train travelling home who seemed to be senior people at GWR. "Of course" one said to the other "when Crossrail starts up we'll be shutting down the branch line".

Given that GWR's franchise for the line expires in 2019 this may also explain the complete neglect of the station building works - it's been months now with no attempt whatsoever to do anything other than set up a "temporary" ticket office outside.

But the changes in the timetable for the new year make it even more obvious GWR want to prove that the Marlow branch is uneconomic. In a masterpiece of maliciousness, all stopping trains in the morning peak leave precisely one minute EARLIER than the connecting trains from Bourne End (which themselves now leave 10 minutes earlier at truly odd times (7:19 instead of - once upon a time - 7:30 for example). As a consequence you're faced with a 20 minute delay to connect with any stopping service.
And coming home it's pretty much the same; the branch line service departs exactly when the Paddington service arrives. Given GWR's appalling punctuality record you can bet that that's gonna be a missed connection most of the time, leading to a half hour wait.
Now I should feel grateful I'm only being stung an extra 2 quid a week to get to Ealing Broadway. But, faced with an extra hour on my daily commute, I'm seriously looking at alternatives to the train. So as a way of driving people off the branch line, this is truly clever planning. Yesterday, of course, three trains in a row were cancelled from Bourne End due to 'a broken down train' - this was pure fiction - the truth was that half the drivers hadn't turned up. Frankly I'm completely sick and tired of the appalling, inept, contemptuous way that GWR treats its long-suffering 'customers'.

Title: Re: GWR new timetable
Post by: paddo on January 05, 2018, 08:59:39 PM
I'm not one to defend GWR but I completely disagree, the service so much better than last year. There are now several peak hour trains from Cookham to Paddington that take 34 mins and the same on the return in the evening. The Electrostar trains from Maidenhead are a world ahead of the old diesel trains and there are generally plenty of seats. There have been a couple of small delays, short formed trains and an evening cancellation (I was told signal failure) but apart from that my commute has vastly improved.