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Mark the dates Saturday 20th October to Monday 22nd October when Cookham will be welcoming visitors from St Benoit, continuing the annual Twinning exchange started in 1993.

Activities planned in the full couple of days include a skittles evening at the Greyhound in Eton Wick on Sunday evening, a trip to Oxford including the Bodlean Library, Sheldonian Theatre and Exeter College on Monday, and a social evening and Indian meal at Cookham Dean Cricket Club. Anyone can participate in one or more of these events.

Twinning helps us to learn about other countries, in this case France, both through visits that show aspects of local and national life, and general conversations between visitors and hosts. Visitors stay in family environments and informality is the order of the day.

A knowledge of French is useful but certainly not essential as there are several English speakers in the St Benoit group. However if you want to brush up on your French language skills, this is a good opportunity to do so!

The Cookham Twinning team are currently looking for hosts to accommodate our visitors – if you’d be interested in doing this please contact Keith Le Page ( And if you’d like to join Cookham Twinning and get involved in the weekend’s activities in part or full, please contact Membership Secretary Stephanie Diggon (