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Title: Greeting from Cookham’s Twin
Post by: Cookham Webmaster on January 02, 2021, 02:30:35 PM
A greeting from Bernard Peterlongo, Mayor of St. Benoît – Je vous souhaite une joyeuse année 2021 pour vous et vos proches.

We have received the December 2020 edition of ‘Au fil des jours’, the newsletter of St. Benoît. In it, Bernard Peterlongo says that although “l’ambiance n’est pas folichonne” (the atmosphere is not much fun), he asks residents to stay respectful of advice and to wear a mask in public places. The commune has adapted to maintain its level of service to the community, particularly the elderly. There has been an increase in litter and rubbish in green areas with some used masks left on the streets, and Bernard urges people to ensure that St. Benoît remains a pleasant, clean and blooming (fleurie) place.

The first main article in the newsletter describes the environmental project that has been created in St.Benoît, with six themes: buildings (energy use), food and health, rubbish and circular economy, biodiversity and environment, durable mobility, and participation of the population. Each area has a team of 6 or 7 people with a chairperson and reporter.

Other articles describe the work done to support the elderly in recent months, including a walk of either 2 or 5 kilometres, where the walkers were welcomed back by two accordionists. There is also a new walk in the ‘Vallée des Arbres’ where one can follow a route to discover sixty different trees, each with a sign telling you the name of the tree, its scientific name and the family that it belongs to.

There is significant business activity in St. Benoît, and featured this month are two rather different organisations. The first is ‘Safran – Saint-Benoit’, who are making the mirrors for the planned largest telescope in the world, the ‘Extremely Large Telescope’, (ELT), designed to observe exoplanets with a new sharpness. The telescope will be 978 square metres and 39 metres in diameter, with 798 hexagonal mirror segments. It is due for completion and to be put into service in Chile in 2025.

The second featured company is ‘L’Arbre Vert de Saint-Benoît’. This is a company that makes cleaning materials, shampoos and shower gels that seeks to go further ecologically than that specified by the European Ecolabel. They have recently expanded their production and invested to reduce plastic use and their carbon footprint.

What an interesting place St. Benoît is!

Title: Re: Greeting from Cookham’s Twin
Post by: Birdman on January 02, 2021, 05:06:22 PM
It is a long time ago that my daughter and I were part of the first 'exploration group' that went to St Benoit to meet up with our then potential twin. I seem to recall our hosts taking us on part of that walk, or is it perhaps a newly created woodland?

Title: Re: Greeting from Cookham’s Twin
Post by: lizzyk on January 03, 2021, 01:10:58 PM
Birdman, I think I remember that trip. I am trying to remember what bird you saw there that made you very excited. Was it a Golden Oriole?

Title: Re: Greeting from Cookham’s Twin
Post by: Birdman on January 03, 2021, 04:05:58 PM
Precisely, Lizzy. I recalled that moment whilst I was typing the message above - well remembered. Up to then I had seen the odd visitor to UK but never heard one sing.