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23 January 2019 - Cookham Medical Centre Closed for Training - 12.30-6.30pm

24 January 2019 - The Founding of Reading Abbey, its Architecture, Art and Music

26 January 2019 - BFI Film Academy (ages 16-19)

27 January 2018 -Harris Woodbridge Reserve - Dig for Cookham

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 on: January 23, 2019, 04:10:08 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
We have had a number of cars stolen in the past 2 weeks, mainly older registered vehicles. A common theme would seem to be, a white pick-up / Tipper lorry with a white cab, and a towing point or jack, on the rear.

There have also been reports of 2 / 3 men wearing hi viz vests, travelling around and enquiring, whether parked up older cars are for sale.  Men matching this description, have also been reported breaking into cars before connecting the towing equipment and removing them.
If you see anything you believe to be suspicious and think a car may be being stolen - please 999 it immediately, or if you are less sure, dial 101 or report it online - see below.  If you can - without putting yourself at any risk - photograph or video them on your mobile phone and send it to us.  Please make sure photos / videos include index numbers of any pick-up trucks as well any images / phone numbers / logos on the sides.
The 101 number is still functioning properly, but I am afraid it may be slow to answer at the moment - if you are experiencing delays, you can always make contact with us using the online reporting system:

 on: January 23, 2019, 03:56:17 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
As part of our regular patrols, we will be working in close partnership with RBWM to check local parks across Maidenhead.  On Monday 21st January, they were in Grenfell Park, Kidwells Park & Oaken Grove Park.  On the 28th, they will be in Wessex Way at 10 a.m., Punt Hill at 12 noon & Braywick Park at 2 p.m..  If you can help them, please go up and make contact.
We work very closely with The DASH Charity, which supports victims and families who have suffered Domestic abuse.  They work 26 hours a day, with limited resources producing a brilliant service available to anyone in the Borough - even if they want to make a general enquiry or find out more about their options.  They specifically help people with injunctions and complicated court procedures and options.  Their service is completely confidential, so please do not suffer in silence.  Contact them.
They are holding a Fundraiser on Saturday 9th February

22/1  Tuesday 7.45 a.m. / 6.45 p/m/  Bailey Close.  Burglary.  Communal block.  Cat flap removed and offenders reached up to open the communal door.  Flat entered using the letterbox method and a 2 foot stick left behind.  iPhones X2, iPad, cash, commemorative coins, Benhard H Mayer Checker board faced wrist watch stolen.
22/1  Tuesday 4 p.m. / 6 p.m.  Portlock Road X 2.  2 CARS ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS and searched.  Nothing stolen.
22/1 - 23/1 Tuesday  6 p.m. / Wednesday 9 a.m.  Business, Cordwallis Street.  Offenders climbed over a fence and damaged bars to enter a yard.  2 vans entered and items stolen.  1.  Driver’s side door lock forced - radiator, front wing, headlights and all hubcaps stolen.  2.  Van driver’s door, headlights, wing, bumper and all hubcaps stolen.
22/1  Midnight / 2.30 p.m.  Bisham Road, Bisham.  Burglary via forced rear side door.  Search of whole house, not believed anything stolen.
21/1  Monday 12.30 p.m. / 6.30 p.m.  Honey Lane, Hurley.  Car index plates stolen.
21/1  Monday 7.30 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.  Milley Road.  Waltham St. Lawrence.  Car window smashed - Laptop & paperwork stolen from the boot.
21/1  Midnight / 2.30 p.m.  Blenheim Road.  Brick thrown through house window
21/1 - 22/1  Monday 5.30 p.m. / Tuesday 8.45 a.m.  Holyport Road.  Outhouse broken into.  House being renovated - tools stolen.

 on: January 23, 2019, 12:54:14 PM 
Started by RBWM Press Release - Last post by RBWM Press Release
The proposed budget for 2019/20 sets out investment for services that matter to our residents as well as ensuring front line services are protected.

The proposals include significant investments in parks and infrastructure including roads and community facilities.

The budget also proposes at 2.99% increase in the council’s element of Council Tax which keeps it the lowest outside of London while ensuring key services like weekly bin collections remain.

Councillor MJ Saunders, cabinet member for finance, said: “I am delighted that we are able to present a budget which reflects on residents’ needs as well as what they would like our council to invest in.

“Officers have been working hard on this budget throughout the year and like all councils we have experienced challenging financial positions. We have also had to allow for the uncertainty around Brexit and how that may impact on the council and the services we provide.

“We have also seen increasing demand and cost associated with providing children services, adult services and children in care which is expected to continue in 2019/20 and our budget reflects that changing position.

“Through our capital programme we have been able to invest in a variety of key resident services including additional funding for parks and roads which reflect back on the findings from the residents’ survey.

“We will continue to provide residents with value for money services as well as investing in facilities and infrastructure for today and the next generation.”

The council budget will be discussed at all scrutiny panels with the first one being children’s services overview and scrutiny panel on Tuesday 29 January at the Town Hall, Maidenhead.  The budget will then be debated by Full Council on 26 February in the Town Hall, Maidenhead.

Parking charges have been reviewed as well as a range of fees and charges for council services. Parking charges will be increased except when using an Advantage Card, protecting Royal Borough residents from fee increases. Further season tickets are also going to be released for Hines Meadow and Stafferton Way car parks to ensure those who work in the borough are able to park close to their place of work or transport links.

Councillor Simon Dudley, leader of the council, says: “I am delighted that this year’s budget reflects what our residents have said in the residents’ survey as well as ensuring we have measures in place to deal with the uncertainty around Brexit and the increasing demands on adults and children’s services.

“However, following the central Government announcement in December we have been able to re-position the budget. The announcement provided assistance with the removal of negative revenue support grant as well as allowing us to continue with the business rate retention scheme. This allows us to retain 75% of the funds from business rate collection.

“The regeneration programme in Maidenhead is now underway and our investment supports the town as it continues to rejuvenate into a town centre as the place to work, live and enjoy.

“I am committed to protecting front line services for our residents as well as ensuring that we deliver what they consider important through the findings from the residents’ survey.”

The highlights of the budget proposals include over �25 million pounds in capital investment:

Investing in community infrastructure with over �2.9 million including:
�83,000 on Christmas lights with new lights in Old Windsor and continued investment in Maidenhead and Windsor.

�150,000 for improving the Guildhall which includes render, windows and redecorating.

�20,000 on new wayfinding signs in Maidenhead as the regeneration programme continues with new sites like Chapel Arches, Maidenhead waterways and the amphitheatre.

Investing in our resident facilities with over �10.1 million including:
�350,000 refurbishing Clewer Memorial Pavilion improving toilets and sports storage facilities.

�250,000 for a community caf� in Dedworth.

�300,000 on Ockwells Park – installation of children’s play area and an extension to the car park.

�150,000 on the new Battlemead Common – installation of parking, footpaths and seating.

Over �200,000 is being invested in our libraries to provide an improved service to our residents.

�200,000 on improvements at our waste transfer and recycling facilities at Vicus Way and Tinkers Lane.

Investing in roads and our highways network with over �12.7 million including:
�1.2 million on maintaining our bridges including �900,000 on strengthening Elizabeth Bridge on Royal Windsor Way as well as refurbishment to Cookham Bridge.

�1.9m on investing in our roads including pot hole repairs and resurfacing.

�180,000 on replacing and improving the junction at Dedworth Road/Hatch Lane and Parsonage Lane.

�240,000 on extending Boulters Lock car park

�150,000 on road safety schemes across the borough to improve road safety and reduce the number of injuries caused by road accidents.

The proposed increase in the council’s element of Council Tax by 2.99% will see a Band D property rise to �961.33 which is an increase of �27.91 from last year which is just over 50p a week. The Adult Social Care levy remains the same from previous years at �74.74 for a Band D property and the levy has seen a �20.7 million investment since 2015/16 when it was first introduced.

The total budget for the council next year is �80.6 million which includes spending on adults and children’s services, weekly bin collections and recycling and waste contracts, CCTV, tree inspections, libraries, leisure centres, arts and culture provision, bus routes and parking.

Read the proposed budget papers in full here.

Table of council tax charges:


 on: January 22, 2019, 12:49:48 PM 
Started by RBWM Press Release - Last post by RBWM Press Release
Over 100 new car parking machines are being installed across the borough to make it quicker and easier for residents and visitors to pay for parking.  

The new 116 machines will allow residents to use their advantage card to secure reduced parking rates across 27 council owned car parks as well as including the option to pay by debit or credit card.  

Cllr Mike Airey, lead member for environment services including parking, flooding, housing and performance management said: “Investing in our parking machines across 27 key council owned car parks will ensure that residents are able to quickly and conveniently park without scrabbling around for the correct change.

“We have also ensured that the new machines can easily read our Advantage Card meaning more residents will be able to take advantage of the reduced car parking charges offered by the scheme.”

The car parking machine replacement scheme has begun with all machines to be replaced by the middle of March 2019 or earlier and include:

Queens Road (Sunninghill)
London Road (Sunningdale)

Hines Meadow
Boulters Lock
Braywick Sports Centre
Grove Road
Magnet Leisure Centre
Stafferton Way
Town Hall
West Street
Broadway (Nicholsons)

Coach park – COMPLETED
River Street - COMPLETED
Alexandra Gardens
Alma Road
East Berkshire College
Home Park - Started
King Edward VII Avenue
Windsor Library
Romney Lock
Victoria Street
Windsor Dials
Windsor Leisure Centre
Horton Road (Dachet)
The Avenue (Datchet)
Eton Court (Eton)
Meadow Lane (Eton)

The Royal Borough has invested £750,000 to replace the machines.    

Residents of the Royal Borough can get an Advantage Card free of charge from local leisure centres while non-residents who work in the borough can purchase a non-resident version of the Advantage Card and access the same parking fee discounts.  More information on the Advantage Card is available here.

 on: January 22, 2019, 12:46:00 PM 
Started by Roger - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
Cookham Parish Council would like to know of any further sightings of the canisters so the police can be informed. So please let them know by emailing with a rough location and they will pass the info on. Thanks!

The most silver canisters I have ever seen at the Alfred Major. All around the bench at the end of the school playing field. About 55, have been reported to TVP via email.

 on: January 21, 2019, 08:38:50 PM 
Started by Birdman - Last post by Ian64
My water bill has halved since I've had a meter and never had any issues.

 on: January 21, 2019, 08:09:00 PM 
Started by Roger - Last post by Roger
Have people seen this post on Cookham’s Facebook on nitrous oxides canisters found on Alfred Major?

 on: January 21, 2019, 06:51:23 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
18/1  Friday 3.15 p.m.  Eton Wick.  The aggrieved received a phone call from someone who said they were the police, to inform her that they had two lads in custody, who had been using her credit card.  The aggrieved was really switched on and responded that if this was the case she would phone some friends who worked for the police.  The caller immediately hung up !
The aggrieved is a member of a local community group and  had recently attended a fraud prevention presentation - possibly one of mine - so knew what to do !!!  If you get a suspicious call - please do not engage - simply put the phone down.
18/1  Friday - The Victim received a Facebook ‘friend request’ from a woman he did not know.  He accepted the request and responded, asking the woman who she was and how she knew him ?  A conversation then began and quickly, moved to another level.  She appeared to be a young woman, in her mid-twenties.  She asked for intimate photos and videos ………. Which he supplied.  Very shortly afterwards, he received a message with a copy of the video footage, along with a demand for £7,000.  He replied that he didn’t have that much money and they agreed to take £1,000 per month, or they would post the footage online in his Facebook feed and send it to everyone in his friends list.
The scammers appear to be based in the USA.
NEXT:  I have received notification from Natalie King who works for the RBWM Youth Offending Team:
Free workshops that are being run by RBWM.  These are aimed at anyone who comes into any contact with parents or schools, who could benefit.
Many thanks,
PC 6764 Natalie King
Youth Offending Team
Maidenhead Project Centre, Reform Road, Maidenhead SL6 8BY
Courses in 2019:
Thursday February 7th                    Online Safety
Monday 18th march                          Child Sexual Exploitation
Thursday 23rd May                           Gangs
Thursday 20th June                         Substance Misuse
Thursday 11th July                           Online safety
Sessions are FREE to attend and spaces must be booked in advance by emailing:
Or phoning:  01628 683964
As part of our regular patrols, we will be working in close partnership with RBWM to check local parks.  21st January 10 a.m. Grenfell Park.  12 noon Kidwells Park.  2 p.m.  Oaken Grove Park.  28th January 10 a.m. Wessex Way.  12 noon Punt Hill and 2 p.m.  Braywick Park
20/1  Sunday 11 a.m. / 2 p.m.  St. Luke’s Road.  Burglary.  Entry via side gate and forced rear patio door areas searched.  Nothing appears to have been stolen.
19/1  Saturday 7.30 p.m.  Alexandra Road.  A group of youths smashed a wing mirror on the car passenger door.  Captured on CCTV.
18/1 - 19/1  Friday 7 p.m. / Saturday 7 a.m.  Broadmoor Road, White Waltham.  Set of temporary traffic lights damaged and batteries stolen.
19/1 - 20/1  Saturday 11.30 p.m. / Sunday 8 a.m.  Club Car Park, Odney Lane, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen smashed camera equipment & MACBOOK LAPTOP stolen
18/1 - 20/1  Friday 3 p.m. / Sunday 10 a.m.  Fifield Road.  Shed break.  Lock forced.  Tools and garden equipment stolen.
19/1 - 20/1  Saturday 8 p.m. / Sunday 9 a.m.  Wessex Way.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS - tools and sat nav stolen
19/1 - 20/1  Saturday 8.15 p.m. / Sunday 0.30 a.m.  Brayfield Road X 2.  1.  Car front passenger window smashed - rucksack and charger stolen.  2.  Car front passenger window smashed - house keys and logbook stolen

 on: January 20, 2019, 07:06:51 PM 
Started by James Hatch - Last post by James Hatch
Of late I have had quite a lot of questions on flying a drone. So here is a clip that may answer a lot of your questions. So turn up your sound.

 on: January 20, 2019, 07:00:43 PM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by James Hatch
Now I have question for the older members of Cookham Dean. Is there anyone who remembers a traction engine driver with the name of Jim Bedwell who worked for Jack Gardener at Mount Farm. Also I do remember going to the top school with his grand daughter June Bedwell. This all came about while I was recalling thoughts on farm machinery.

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