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26 June 2019 - Stanley and Elsie

29 June 2019 - Cookham Dean School Summer Fete

30 June 2019 - Cookham Dean Open Garden

8 July 2019 - Give Blood at the Pinder Hall

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 on: June 26, 2019, 02:22:55 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
Our Summer Burglar Campaign, starts on 1st July and a lot of Crime Prevention advice, will be coming out then.  It will deal with ventilation and windows left open, as the weather improves and heats up.  The weather forecast for the rest of this week, says it is going to be very hot - please bear in mind, the opportunist thieves are walking around our streets 24 /7 !
As I keep saying, real ‘Burglaries’ are very rare.  That is when a property is targeted for specific items, the burglar knows is inside.  Collections of antiques, clocks, paintings, silver, porcelain, jewellery etc.
If you don’t have any of those items - that people know about - you will be targeted by an ‘Opportunist Thief’ !  That is a young offender, wandering around looking for an easy target - someone who has made a mistake and left a window open, or a side access to the rear easily available.  All we have to do, to prevent them choosing us, is to target harden our property, so that there are easier options elsewhere.  We need to do that, for the whole of Ascot.  Burglar alarms are everyone’s number one deterrent.  If you cannot afford an alarm, put up a dummy box.  Our young offenders know nothing about alarms and avoid them.  If everyone else in your road, has an alarm box visible on their properties - and you don’t - you become that easiest target and their attention will be drawn to you.
Cars left unlocked, have the same effect and act as a ‘crime attractor’, for the opportunist thief.  Why try other areas, if you know there are loads of cars left unlocked in Ascot, with easy pickings inside !  Once they are there to try car door handles, they will also be looking at houses.
25/6  Tuesday 2 a.m.  Hotel Car Park, Bridge Road X 2.  1.  Car passenger window smashed - 2 laptops stolen.  Captured on CCTV.  2.  Car rear windscreen smashed - laptop and paperwork stolen.  The paperwork was later reported discarded, in a park beside the river in Cookham.
25/6  Tuesday 0.15 a.m. / 2.15 p.m.  Evenlode.  Index plates removed from a motorbike.
25/6  Tuesday 3 a.m.  Raymill Road West.  Index plates stolen from a motorbike.  This was witnessed, but not reported to the police.
24/6  Monday 6.10 p.m.  Clifton Close.  Burglary.  Property being renovated.  A witness reported hearing someone inside the property out of hours.  They then saw a blue Mercedes van drive onto the property 3 times, removing items from the property.  The man is described as white, about 40 years old, with sunglasses on his head, stocky build, white receding hair, short light coloured top and long shorts.  The witness later found the lock to the site on the ground beside the gates.
I have been mentioning our collaboration with ‘Giveandtakecare’ and our request for volunteers for the ‘Fashion Upcycle’ and ‘Gardening Buddies’ projects.
We held a meeting in Windsor Police Station on the 21st June and here are the minutes.  If you feel you could contribute to any of these projects - please make contact with Anita on:
Co-design Windsor Meeting Minutes – June 21st 2019
Held at Windsor Police Station.
1) All participants briefly introduced themselves and their organisations.
2) Project Updates:
Fashion Upcycle: -
This inter-generational project, pairs people who want to learn how to sew and learn how to up-cycle clothes, to stop them going into land fill, with older people, who have sewing and needle craft skills.
Project Starts September 12th at Windsor College. From 5 – 7pm
The first two weeks, will be spent learning basic sewing skills and then the participants, will choose their outfits to upcycle.
These have been provided by students from Eton College and other volunteer sources.
During the remaining 16 weeks, students will prepare two outfits.  In the last two weeks, they will practice how to organise the catwalk fashion show, including all the necessary stage management, hair and makeup for the models.
The first fashion show, will be just before Easter at Langley College as they have a dedicated runway. A further Fashion Show will be held as part of the October Food Academy.
We are looking for participants both to act as sewing mentors and also those wishing to acquire the skills.
We are also looking for donations of sewing items - needles, threads, scissors, trims, zips etc.
Louella and Lau, from Busy Buttons said that they had done a similar successful project, aimed at children aged 9-13.  She said older teens find it difficult to say to their friends that they are or want to participate (sewing is not cool) and it’s hard to keep them engaged.  The length of their project, was 5 weeks. She expressed concern that we may not be able to get full commitment from Teens for 20 weeks.  Other members, with experience of working with teens echoed this.  It was suggested, the programme runs for the full 20 weeks, but we do 4 half term modules and allow participants, to do just one half term, or multiples, if they wish.
Details have been sent to Windsor Boys and Girls School, asking for participants.
The Rotary Club of St. Georges, Datchet, will discuss possible funding of future courses with their members.
Project Gardening Buddies:
This project, was suggested for those older teens, who want to learn how to grow their own food and the benefits of nutrition.
Participants will be teamed with an allotment owner, who will mentor them, to grow their own fruit and vegetables, from preparing the ground over winter, to sowing seeds, growing the crop and harvesting. We anticipate that some of the participants, will then progress to the Food Academy, to learn how to cook the food they have grown, so that this will become a “Seed to Plate” project.
Project starts February 2020 and runs until August 2020.  With allotment holders and participants, meeting on a weekly basis.
We were having difficulty finding allotments and gardening volunteers in Windsor.
We hope to team up with ‘the Green School’ to support them with their allotment.
Lynn Constantine from Radian Housing, advised that she has set up a gardening project at Sawyers Close and that they have funding to develop this project. She is now leaving Radian and needs someone else to administer the project.  It was suggested that GATC could take this on as an extension of their Gardening Buddies project.  GATC will meet with Radian, to progress.
Lyn also needs support from other local enterprises, to do physical tasks, such as putting in fences and painting them to protect the garden at Sawyers Close. Haroon Sherwani from Eton College, said that their pupils would assist with anything they could, as the area is a bike ride from the college and would just need a confirmation of the day and time and exactly what would be required.
Food Academy:
This is a project now funded by the Windsor Lions . 12 youngsters, who have personal confidence issues / isolation / lack of friends, would be selected to participate over 6 weeks, to learn how to cook.  This culminates in a VIP gala dinner in late November, cooked by the students.
The group agreed, that if Eton College, would fund a Food Academy and the use of their college facilities to host a course and the gala dinner, then we could have one at the end of the Gardening project in July after the term finishes, with another in November. Haroon & Misha from the College said they would progress this internally, but the feel sure Eton would be happy to be associated with such an endeavour. GATC to write proposal to Eton.
Young Mothers & Toddlers
The group wants to work with young mothers, who are isolated and encourage them & their young children, to form intergenerational partnerships with older people. The project will see the building of Lego Duplo structures, which will then exhibited.  We are hoping that Legoland will supply the Lego Duplo, but have had difficulty in confirming this. Cllr Samantha Rayner, said she had contacts at Legoland and would forward details.
Art School Project
We discussed how we hope to use KS to work with children from the Green Room School to help children to encourage themselves through art.
Poetry Club.
GATC would like to progress a poetry club, where participants choose themes.  It was  suggested that to make it more relevant to young people, the poems then become lyrics and the young participants develop and produce supporting music videos.  Lynn said she is working on a similar project with a group at Sawyers Close and that the Windsor Youth Club, have the necessary facilities - as does Eton College.
3) Other Items
Cllrs Carole Da Costa and Wisdom Da Costa, said that they are working on a project in Dedworth, to show people can reduce the amount of plastic they use.
Nicola Davidson who is our RBWM bid writer, spoke about the ‘Solar Coop’ project that she runs. She will be happy to discuss how any organisation can join and participate.
Haroon & Misha from Eton College, said they have various rooms and boys, who have time and are encouraged to do voluntary work in the community. Any organisation could contact them, with specific requirements and they would be happy to progress them, internally.
Lynn asked if Eton College boys, would assist and support a Homework Club in Sawyers Close, which is fairly close to the College. Haroon asked for an email with specific details and said he would progress it. She also told the group about a very bright girl from Sawyers Close, who wants to go to Oxbridge.  Her family, don’t have the resources to support her.  She asked if Eton College, could assist this girl and act as a sponsor, giving her access to the resources and guidance at Eton. Haroon and Mehta agreed they would do what they could.
It was agreed that we would try and have the meeting on a set date every month to facilitate diaries. It is suggested the Last Tuesday of the month, to be held at Windsor Police Station.
NEXT: Scam email from Graham
I have just received an email from Google to say that I have been selected as a winner !!!  I have not entered any Google competitions !!
It asked me to: Please click on the LINK to find out more details !!
I didn’t.

 on: June 25, 2019, 11:48:41 AM 
Started by RBWM Press Release - Last post by RBWM Press Release
Motorists will be given the chance to trial a new road layout in Maidenhead town centre.

From Monday 1 July the new two-way system which will allow Broadway (Nicholsons) car park users to turn left or right when exiting the car park will open, giving users time to get used to the new permanent layout before a trial closure of the right-hand turn from the Queen Street junction begins on Monday 8 July for two weeks.

The option to trial the new arrangements at Queen Street was announced at Maidenhead Town Forum, held on Monday 17 June and follows initial engagement with residents and other stakeholders. Following the trial a final decision on the Queen Street junction proposal will be made at Maidenhead Town Forum to be held on Wednesday 24 July.

Cllr Andrew Johnson, lead member for infrastructure, transport and housing said: “We promised residents that we would listen to their views and we hope that this trial of the new proposed arrangements at the Queen Street junction is a clear signal of that.

“Allowing residents to begin using the new system on The Broadway ahead of the Queen Street trial will ensure everyone has an opportunity to get used to the new arrangements before putting our assumptions around the Queen Street junction to the test.

“We will also be directly contacting the emergency services including Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance Service and Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service to ensure they are sited on the Queen Street proposals before any final decision is made.

To ensure that those who park underneath Star House (Three building) are not impacted, a new two-way system is being implemented in these car parks. Subject to completion of the legal agreement, its hoped that these works will be complete before the Queen Street trial goes live, meaning that those who use these car parks will be able to choose to exit via Broadway or on to the A308 via the existing exit.

The new road layout on the Broadway, which was installed earlier this year, will mean that those exiting the Broadway (Nicholsons) car park will no longer need to travel through the town centre to access the A308, A4 or M4. Instead they will be able to turn right as well as left when leaving the car park and then turn left or right to join the A308.

It’s expected that this change will reduce number of cars accessing the A308 via the Queen Street junction by 75% during peak hours, therefore reducing the number travelling through the town centre. It’s hoped that this move will also help improve air quality in the area and reduce congestion.

Cllr Johnson continued: “The permanent change on The Broadway will give those leaving the Broadway (Nicholsons) car park a more direct route to the A308, A4 or M4 and reduce the number of cars needing the travel through the town centre helping to improve air quality in key town centre locations, as well as helping to distribute peak time traffic more evenly across the town, reducing congestion.”

Residents are able to give their views in the Queen Street proposals until Monday 22 July by completing the online form.

 on: June 25, 2019, 11:27:11 AM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Birdman
He'd probably first want to make sure the driver isn't Michael Gove!

 on: June 24, 2019, 04:13:12 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
I put warning out a couple of weeks ago about a man who was approached on Facebook, by a woman he did not know.  The conversed for a brief time and then the conversation became flirty and she removed clothing.  She then encouraged him to carry out a sex act on camera.  As soon as he had done this, she informed him that she had filmed him and unless he paid her a large amount of money, she would send it to all his Facebook contacts.  We do have a problem with young people at school sending inappropriate intimate photos of themselves, to friends.  We have done a lot of youth intervention work in schools, talking about this and the consequences, when the photos are then circulated.
We did not know we had to do as much work with adults acting is a rather silly manner with people they do not know.
Another case has come in today.
Exactly the same scenario.  The victim was approached on Facebook, by a woman he did not know.  The conversations quickly became flirtatious and again the man was encouraged to carry out a sex act, which the woman videoed.  The woman then told him, she would publish to video to all his contacts on Facebook, if he didn’t transfer £15,000 to a bank account in Ivory Coast.
As you can imagine, he feels very foolish, when having to explain all this to police officers !
I have now reported this scam twice !  It is obviously happening all the time and men are being entrapped.
Can I thank all those that attended our NHW Start up meeting in Wharf Road Wraysbury, on Friday evening.  It was standing room only.  Colin Meads the NHW MSA (he deals with all NHW matters in Windsor & Ascot - applications to start a scheme, or just a question about why you should set up / join a scheme - his contact details, are at the bottom of this message) talked about why joining NHW is so important and how to run a scheme to be really effective, to protect everyone that lives there.  I then did my Crime Prevention bit, covering Burglary, Car Crime, Scams & Frauds.  Those registered to get my messages, were well informed and protected.  A lot of people there had not been signed up and knew very little about current crime trends and how to protect themselves from them.  They weren’t clued up, about current scams and frauds !  It quickly became apparent, that everyone needs to be on my system, to keep them safe and prevent them, from falling victim, to our Opportunist Offenders.  Tell everyone you know to go onto to sign up.  It only takes seconds and it can prevent someone- a friend, neighbour, work colleague, relative, suffering the distress of being a victim of crime.
23/6 - 24/6  Sunday 5 p.m. / Monday 6 a.m.  Unit, Stafferton Way Business Park.  Locks have been removed from a storage unit - nothing taken.
23/6 - 24/6  Sunday 8.15 p.m. / Monday 10.15 a.m.  Addison Court.  Car badly keyed.
23.6  Sunday 2 a.m. - 7.30 a.m. Church Hill, White Waltham.  Attempted garage break.  A witness reports finding a garage door forced - no entry gained.
22/6  Saturday 5.25 a.m.  Restaurant Car Park, Bisham Road, Bisham X 2.  1.  The owner of one car reporting his car passenger window smashed and laptop and bag stolen.  2.  Laptop and travel bag stolen.
21/6 - 22/6  Friday 9.30 a.m. / Saturday 1.30 p.m.  Club Car park, Odney Lane, Cookham.  Car rear windscreen smashed.  Laptop stolen.
23/6  Sunday 4.10 p.m.  Golf Range Car Park, Cookham.  Car passenger window smashed - Macbook and iPad stolen.
22/6 Saturday  midnight / 9 a.m.  Moorside Close, Padlocks on the gates at the bottom of the park have been removed.  Please be alert to anything like this as it may be the precursor to an unauthorised encampment !!!
20/6 - 21/6  Thursday 1 p.m. / Friday 9 a.m.  Courthouse Road.  Red Vauxhall Astra, index MU ** TGJ, stolen from the road.
22/6  Saturday 2 p.m. / 4 p.m.  Cricket Club Car Park.  Highway Road.  An offender removed the aggrieved’s car keys from his bag by the pitch.  Entered his car and stole his wallet.

 on: June 24, 2019, 03:56:58 PM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
A letter has been found in Terry’s Lane containing a gift voucher with a note ‘Happy Birthday Mummy from Isabella and Sienna’ anyone know who it might belong to?

 on: June 23, 2019, 05:07:48 PM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Roger
Wasn’t Boris going to lie in front of the bulldozers? Is that still what he is going to do or has he changed his mind?

 on: June 22, 2019, 01:07:28 PM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
Heathrow wants to build its new third runway over the M25 with a tunnel proposed to run underneath. Also rivers will need to be diverted to allow for the new runway. Leaflets have been distributed to Cookham homes about the third statutory consultation on the airport consultation which lasts from 18 June - 13 September 2019 at 11.15am. Documents are available to be reviewed at Maidenhead Library and there will be a consultation event at Nicholsons Shopping Centre in Maidenhead on 6 July from 10am - 4pm. You can find out more about the consultation . where you can also find out about how to give feedback. We all need to take notice of the plans and find out exactly how it will affect Cookham.

 on: June 21, 2019, 03:54:58 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
FIRST:-I am just out of a large meeting with ‘Give & Take Care’.  It was groups from all over RBWM helping and working together to develop two projects.
 A re-purposing sewing course for students aged between 14 - 19.  It will start on September 12th and will be held at East Berks College, on Thursdays, 5 p.m. / 7 p.m.  Students will be taught everything they need to know to create / re-purpose clothes to make them fashionable and individual, from no knowledge, to pattern making and fitting.  Our volunteer, tutor mentors - experienced sewers will pass on their experience - an intergenerational project.  We have 6 volunteers, but need 4 more.  Are you an experienced sewer, tailor etc., willing to work with young people, keeping your skills alive, by passing them on ?  We also need student referrals.  The course is for 20 students, so if you know of anyone, who would benefit, or like learn a new skill, who may lack personal confidence.  The clothes for re-purposing, have been supplied by the boys at Eton College and we have another volunteer, who has donated ball gowns, fabric and haberdashery !!!
‘From Seed to Plate’  This starts in February 2020.  We need volunteer mentors - gardeners this time, possibly with an allotment along the Maidenhead Road, Windsor.  The students will need to learn how to prepare the soil, sow seeds, look after crops and then later in the year, will participate in a Food Academy, where they will cook the food they have grown.  We therefore need volunteer gardeners, possible allotments and student referrals.
For more information contact Anita Ambasna at:
Next:-  I have just been speaking to the investigators, who go out to take statements and collect CCTV, from victims.  They say, the best thing that helps them at the moment and they recommend are ……… Doorbell cameras !  They say the footage is better, cleaner and sharper than most CCTV systems, particularly older ones.  At night, it is still full HDD colour, lit by security lights, as opposed to fuzzy black & white images of night time normal CCTV footage.
The advantage appears to be - you get a message directly to your mobile phone in real time that someone is on your driveway, up to no good.  You can pass that information to us immediately, so that we can respond - subject to resources being available - as soon as possible and catch someone in action.
They say they are always really pleased when someone says they have some doorbell camera footage, as it is always clear, in focus, close and in full colour HDD.  Another advantage - the offenders, are not always aware they are being videoed and are therefore, less likely to cover their faces, as they always do, if they see cameras of normal CCTV systems.
They are apparently very simple to install and becoming ever more popular and affordable
NEXT:-  re how to deal with suspect text messages, Katie sent this:
You asked about advice in dealing with spam or fraudulent texts.
Which? has produced a clear guide:
Many thanks Katie, I am sure this will help everyone.
NEXT: This message was sent out across Nottingham:
Residents have reported that they have received an automated call on the telephone. The call threatens to cut off or compromise their internet connection and asks the resident to press buttons to speak to their internet provider.
Many scammers use the tactic of cold calling and pretending to be representatives of legitimate organisations, or threaten the disconnection of a service, with the intention of getting money off people. If you receive a call from your provider, they will already know who you are and have your payment details. Never give out your personal details or bank account details over the phone to someone who calls in this manner.
Victims of a scam who have suffered a financial loss, should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via their website at:
NEXT:  A reminder from RBWM Community Warden - Clive Dent:
Dear All,
A resident who is a Radian tenant, brought to my attention a recent incident regarding a bogus builder.
The tenant was standing outside her house and was approached by an older man, who told her that she had problems with her roof.  She informed him that the it was a Housing Association property and if there are any problems with it, she would speak to them. The man’s reply was “That’s OK, we work for them”.
Thankfully, she thought this might be a scam and did not engage with them further. The older man, then got into a white unmarked van where a younger man was sitting and they both drove off.
Unfortunately, she was unable to get the vehicle registration.
Can you remind everyone about our TVP NHW Motto ?
‘I am sorry, I do not buy goods or services at the door - thank you’ !
Clive Dent
RBWM Community Warden,
Communities, Enforcement & Partnerships
Tel: 01628 685636
Thanks for the warning Clive - these offenders, are always out there, looking for a potential mark.  Lots of people have lost huge amounts of money through these scams.
I circulated this message earlier this month from Rob Abell at Trading Standards.  It is worth circulating again:
Hi – It might be useful to make this available:
Kent County Council asked us to share the link to a film to demonstrate how easily people can become vulnerable and a victim of criminal abuse. This is a hard hitting film that was produced under the management of Kent County Council and funded by Kent Trading Standards, Public Protection team in collaboration with local authorities and associated police forces.
Many thanks
Rob Abell
Fair Trading Officer
Trading Standards & Licensing Team | Community Protection & Enforcement Services | Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
It Shows how scammers and Fraudsters befriend and then defraud vulnerable people !!!  This is exactly how it happens - please circulate it as widely as possible.
It is really difficult to watch, but think about the victims !
NEXT;  I have had loads of reports re Nottingham Knockers, right across the area - Young unemployed lads and now girls - going door to door, selling household products.  They are often no longer asking for cash, but using a remote card payment device.  They maintain they have to hold it very high, when you put in your PIN number to get a signal.  Please remember our NHW Motto:
‘I do not buy goods and services at the door - thankyou’ !
20/6  Thursday 11.35 p.m.  The Fairway.  Burglary.  Six suspects entered the property, their faces covered, via a smashed utility room door.  Untidy search of the ground floor.  They then made their way upstairs where they disturbed the owner asking for gold jewellery.  They stole a gold bracelet, necklace, jewellery items and cash from another room.  They also took 3 mobile phones.

 on: June 19, 2019, 02:15:06 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
FIRST:- I need another volunteer !
What TVP would like, is a sculptor from the local community, to work with us, on a new ‘Anti Knife Crime’ project.  Nottinghamshire came up with a really good idea, which was used to publicise their Anti Knife Crime initiatives.
They collected together, all the hundreds of knives handed into the police station knife bins and a local sculptor, created a piece of work they could display to highlight and draw attention to, their work and projects fighting knife crime.
How about it !  You could be a single sculptor, or a community group who would like to run this as a project.  If you would like to be involved, or want more information, please email Sgt Ryan Powell on his email:
I think this would be a brilliant way for our community to get involved and generate some really useful publicity, for our various anti knife crime initiatives and projects
I have been asked to remind you, to put a date in your diary:
Please promote this date through TVP alerts.
Hurley Village Fete
Saturday 27 July
1 pm - 4 pm
I will be there with a stand - please tell everyone to come up and chat to me !
PCSO C3675 Emily Baker
Maidenhead West Neighbourhood Team
E-mail |
Thames Valley Police, Bridge Road Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8LP
18/4  Tuesday midnight / 11 a.m.  Collins Lane, Shurlock Row.  Theft of lead over the last few months from old farm buildings.
17/6  Monday 8.25 p.m. / 9.25 p.m.  Neville Close, Waltham St. Lawrence.  Car driver’s window smashed and bag and contents covered by a supermarket bag, stolen from the footwell.
18/6  Tuesday 11.30 a.m. / noon.  Choseley Road, Knowl Hill.  Ford transit side loader stolen from outside a property.  It was un-driveable, propped up on bricks and registered SORN stolen.
17/6  Monday 5 p.m.  Bowls Club, Oaken Grove Park, Courthouse Road.  A witness reports 4 youths, pulling down and damaging plants and climbing an on an archway.  They were challenged, but responded abusively.
18/6  Tuesday Alwyn Road.  Car parked up for three months vandalised.
17/6  Monday 5.30 p.m.  Cricket Club, Highway Avenue  A witness reports a group of 10 young men and 2 girls climbing on the roof and stealing furniture.
17/6  Monday midday.. Balmoral.  A witness reports someone removing items from a re-cycling bin.  Please be aware that this happens.  Do not throw out personal papers, without first tearing them up, so that they cannot be used to steal your identity.
I have received the well-publicised scam call, supposedly from the Inland Revenue, about unpaid tax
It was a recorded voice, telling me to press 1 for more information.  I put the phone down and blocked the number.
Exactly the correct advice.  Whenever you pick up the phone, you simply say ‘Hello’.  You do not give any personal information - including your name and phone number.  If it is a call from someone you don’t know or is an unsolicited sales / scam call - just put the phone down without saying anything at all ! 
You must not be recorded on the caller’s database as ‘an engager’.  You may not respond to that call, but you may be considered vulnerable to a different approach.
NEXT: from Anne
I would value your advice regarding seven texts addressed to 'Shannon' informing me/her that my finances had been sorted; was I interested in any particular car etc.
The first one began with 'Congratulation' without the 's', which is not the normal form.
I have not clicked on any of the texts; I can see the first line of the message. 
I remember your saying - ‘do not reply to any unsolicited phone calls’, as this proves the phone number is 'live'.  Does this apply to text messages?
I would like to delete them but would have to click on the message to do so.
Today's message asked if 'Shannon' is ok - perhaps because 'she' has not replied to any of the messages.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks for your NW messages - they are invaluable.
Many thanks for this Anne. 
Can someone let us know how to deal with scam / unwanted text messages ?  If you try and delete them, will it show the sender that the message has been opened and read ?  They will get confirmation that the message has been delivered - but by opening, deleting and blocking the number, is that sufficient to discourage scammers ?
Next: A reminder from Andrew in Holyport.
To all residents in RBWM,
If you have noticed any beautiful front gardens you might wish to get them recognised.
The ‘Garden in Bloom Award Scheme’, run in connection with the national ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition and was introduced in 1992, to acknowledge the important contribution, private front gardens make to the appearance of a town, or village.
This is your chance to nominate any resident in RBWM, who you think has a fantastic front garden, worthy of an award. Nominations have to be made before the end of June.
More details can be found at: where you will also find the online nomination form. 
The form only takes a few minutes to complete and you don’t need to know the name of the householder, only their address.
Gardens are assessed by participating Borough Councillors or Parish Councils.  There is a Ward winner and runner up, selected for each of the Wards of the Royal Borough, who participate.
Gardens are judged and awards distributed, until mid July.
Best wishes - and nominate someone, to show we all appreciate their effort !
Many thanks Andrew for the reminder.

 on: June 19, 2019, 11:33:25 AM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
Looks like the Parrot is now home safe and sound with the owner.

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