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19 February 2019 - Mental Health in Young People at Pinder Hall

20 February 2019 - A Talk on Bumblebees

21 February 2019 - Open Minds - The Teenagers Debating Group

21 February 2019 - Cookham Medical Centre Closed for Training - 12.30-6.30pm

22 February 2019 - Elizabeth House Quiz Evening

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 on: February 12, 2019, 09:19:14 AM 
Started by RBWM Press Release - Last post by Paris
Horses and ponies will be becoming a rare breed in Cookham soon.  Such a shame when there used to be such a thriving equestrian community in the Cookhams.

I hope everyone manages to find somewhere to go. Not an easy task these days.

 on: February 11, 2019, 06:55:22 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
A brilliant result in Windsor today:
‘The police received multiple reports directly from members of the public, of suspicious activity in an area over several weeks.  After further investigation, action was taken.  RBWM’s CCTV team located a car and then tracked it, passing details to - Roads Policing, PCs and PCSOs, who were actively involved in an Operation.  The CCTV Team, tracked the car across Windsor.  A local police unit then stopped the car and arrested the driver, on suspicion of drugs supply.
Our grateful thanks to all those members of the public who phoned us and supplied information.  A brilliant result.
7/2 - 8/2  Thursday 9 a.m. / Friday 5 p.m.  St. Marks Road.  Car badly keyed.
10/2  Sunday 4.30 p.m. / 4.40 p.m.  Unit, Cordwallis Park.  Bonnet and headlights removed and stolen from a Ford Transit.
9/2 - 10/2  Saturday 11 p.m. / Sunday 7.30 a.m.  Ellington Park.  Motorbike stolen from outside a house.  A red, Yamaha 124 cc,  index RV ** HXJ
10/2  Sunday midnight / 0.15 a.m.  Farm, Hills Lane, Cookham.  Stables broken into and a Quad bike stolen from a barn.  The trailer was found abandoned near Pinkney’s Green.
10/2 - 11/2  Sunday 11 p.m. / Monday 5 a.m.  Attempted burglary.  Hillcrest Avenue, Cookham.  Glass in side window smashed and shutter removed.  Offenders may have been disturbed as no entry gained.
7/2 - 8/2  Thursday 3.20 p.m. / Friday 2 p.m.  Centre, Cookham Road.  Car damaged all round.
8/2  Friday midnight / 5.10 p.m.  Sawyers Close.  Plastic storage bin in a garden entered and searched - nothing appears to have been stolen.
8/2 - 9/2  Friday 8.30 p.m. / Saturday 9 a.m.  Blenheim Road.  Car dented and windscreen smashed.
10/2  Sunday 1 a.m. / 9.40 a.m.  Halifax Road.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS - car searched - headphones and loose change stolen.
8/2 - 9/2  Friday 1 p.m. / Saturday 2 a.m.  Business Park Car park, Woodlands Park Avenue.  Transit vandalised.  Bonnet found on the ground as well as the lights.
8/2 - 9/2  Friday 6 p.m. / Saturday 12.15 p.m.  Cox Green Road.  Van side window smashed - nothing stolen.
7/2 - 8/2 Thursday 9.30 p.m. / Friday 8 a.m.  Lambourne Drive.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS - searched - wallet and contents, bottle of aftershave, open packet of cigarettes and loose change stolen.  
8/2 - 9/2  Friday 5 p.m. / Saturday 10.30 a.m.  Mercia Road.  Theft of a ground Pod from a building site.
9/2  Saturday 6 p.m. / 10.30 p.m.  Paley Street.  Car passenger front window smashed - rucksack and contents stolen.
10/2  Sunday 2.35 a.m.  Paley Street.  Shed break.  Door forced.  The shed was alarmed and the offender immediately made off.
8/2 - 9/2  Friday 4.30 p.m. / Saturday 6 a.m.  Windsor Road X 2.  1.  Car broken into and searched - nothing stolen.  2.  Van door handle forced - interior searched - nothing stolen.
10/2 - 11/2  Sunday 5 p.m. / Monday 8.30 a.m.  Hotel Car Park, Manor Lane.  Car rear windscreen smashed - LAPTOP, PHONES and ID stolen.

 on: February 10, 2019, 09:54:20 AM 
Started by Roger - Last post by Paris
Hmph, what a waste of column inches that was.  A load of historical guff, genealogy of Mrs May, and that there's too much green belt.  The best bit for me, was where he said that the town has suffered from being knocked about by developers and sacking Council staff.

Not really news at all; now if it was an in depth article, and completely non-biased piece of investigative journalism it might have been a worthwhile read.

 on: February 09, 2019, 03:46:14 PM 
Started by Roger - Last post by Roger
There is an article in the Guardian today on Theresa May’s heartland ie us.

 on: February 08, 2019, 03:06:21 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
All our Neighbourhood Teams were in London yesterday, working with and being trained by City Police, who came down to work with us, during the summer, at the two Royal weddings.
There was a brilliant input for us from ‘Op Servitor’, dealing with how to recognise ‘Hostile Surveillance’ of potential targets, for disruption.  Experts have been out and about in Windsor and located every spot, anyone carrying out hostile surveillance would need to stand in, to observe, whatever they need to know.  We can then concentrate on anyone in those positions, as well as just looking at everyone else.
There was also an input from the City Police dog handling team.  It was amazing to hear what the dogs are being trained to sniff out now.  It is no longer just tracking people or sniffing out drugs and explosives.
Everyone is anxious to get out there and practice their new skills !
6/2  Wednesday 8.20 a.m. / 10.40 a.m.  Car Park, Grove Road.  Car passenger window smashed, camera hidden in the footwell stolen.
7/2  Thursday midnight / 3 a.m.  Blackamoor Lane.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS - loose change stolen.
5/2 - 6/2  Tuesday 3.30 p.m. / Wednesday 4.30 p.m.  Westwood Green, Cookham.  Shed break - door jemmied.  Shed searched - nothing stolen.
6/2  Wednesday  6.30 p.m. / 9.40 p.m.  Restaurant, Bisham Road, Bisham.  Car rear windscreen smashed - Rucksack containing LAPTOP and chargers stolen.
8/2  Friday 7.25 a.m.  Paget Drive.  The owner awoke to find their 2 cars stolen from the driveway.   A black Audi S3 index AM ** SHP and a dark blue BMW 5 series LT ** FGN.  They may be parked up somewhere nearby for 24 hours to see if they have Trackers fitted.  If they have not been recovered, they may not have Trackers activated.
Just to confirm, S. 61 notice was served on the unauthorised encampment last night at Braywick Gold Club car Park at 9 p.m.  They have now left.  The Borough have sent in a clean up team, but were pleasantly surprised that it was not as bad as anticipated
5/2 - 6/2  Tuesday 11 p.m. / Wednesday 7.15 a.m.  Tithe barn Drive.  The aggrieved went down to find the rear door of their van open.  The owner was sure it was locked, but not alarmed.  5th time, tools have been stolen, 3rd time from this van. 

 on: February 08, 2019, 02:55:11 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) would like to hear from you.

The OPCC is launching a campaign to raise awareness of relationship abuse so that people who are experiencing it, identify with it and potentially seek help. 

It will be launched under the branding of Victims First.  Victims First supports victims and witnesses of crime across the Thames Valley and is managed by the OPCC.

Relationship abuse is not solely physical abuse but emotional and controlling abusive behaviours. It is also called coercive control.

The OPCC have developed a survey to gather experiences of relationship abuse. The data gathered from the survey will support the campaign.  All responses are anonymous.

If you would like to complete the survey, you can do so at
Message Sent By
Holly Turner (Police, Comms Officer, Thames Valley)

 on: February 07, 2019, 11:03:31 PM 
Started by Chinch - Last post by Chinch
Thank you, I have done that.

 on: February 07, 2019, 12:44:33 PM 
Started by Cookham Webmaster - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
Cookham Dean Cricket Club
invites our friends and neighbours to join us at the Clubhouse
Monday 25 FEBRUARY @ 19.30
to view plans for the new pavilion

Ricketts Field, Whyeladyes Lane,Cookham SL6 9LF

 on: February 06, 2019, 10:10:39 PM 
Started by Chinch - Last post by Cookham Webmaster
If you want to send me your email to I can probably get someone else to contact you too who is knowledgable about Cookham.

 on: February 06, 2019, 08:44:51 PM 
Started by Chinch - Last post by Chinch
Hi James, Thank you for your kind reply to my e-mail. Yes, my Grandmother would have been older at that time. It's strange as the verses in the book are fairly religious in content but all very loving so not the kind of thing you might expect in a children's home so I am struggling a little. I know her Mother went on to marry and have another Daughter but I don't think she kept my Grandmother who I know spent her adult life in Birmingham. How she came to be there is a mystery. I don't know of the process involved in those days in placing a child in a home and if they may have been sent further afield? I have tried everywhere I can think of but no joy, unfortunately. Thank you again for your help.

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