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 on: August 07, 2019, 04:42:53 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
Help us understand the impact of cybercrime and be in with a chance to win £50 worth of M&S vouchers

Neighbourhood Watch has today launched a landmark new survey to understand the impact of cybercrime on communities across England and Wales.
Traditionally Neighbourhood Watch has been focused on keeping people safe in the places they live but with the advent of new technology, it’s clear people can be at their most vulnerable when they occupy online spaces.
Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre run by the City of London Police, revealed that last year cybercrime victims lost £28m to online criminals. It reports more than 12,000 cases of cybercrime every six months.
With the threat from online criminals only ever increasing, it is essential we understand the impact this type of crime has on members as well as their understanding and perception of cybercrime.
The survey, designed in conjunction with cybersecurity company Avast, takes just 10 minutes to complete and one lucky responder will be in with a chance to win £50 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers.
The survey can be completed via the following link:

It would be great if you could share the survey with other Neighbourhood Watch members particularly those who have been victims of cybercrime.

This news story on our website can be shared with friends, family and neighbours or on your social media profiles:

Kindest regards,
Central Support Team,
Neighbourhood Watch Network
Message Sent By
William Murphy (NHWN, Administrator, England and Wales)

 on: August 06, 2019, 06:07:06 PM 
Started by Roger - Last post by Roger
I see that the Council are planning to pick up small electrical items and batteries at our doorstep rather than us having to take them to the tip. Does anyone know anything about this?

 on: August 05, 2019, 04:43:55 PM 
Started by Paris - Last post by lizzyk
Thanks Mark, I will let the Cookham Society know.

 on: August 05, 2019, 04:39:09 PM 
Started by Thames Valley Police - Last post by Thames Valley Police
FIRST   We have had a Courier Fraud and a Courier scam in the last week.  The courier Fraud is where the aggrieved gets a call from someone who says they are from Hammersmith Police Station.  Would they help and assist the police ?  There is fraud going on at their bank.  Could they go and withdraw all the cash they have on deposit and a courier would be sent to collect it.  They will fingerprint every note to see who is involved.

Courier scam

Here, you get a call from a courier company, to say a parcel has been put on the delivery van in your name, but it is a mistake.  When it is delivered, could you accept the package and sign for it.  Later a courier will collect it and deliver it to th4 correct address.  This is a scam - your identity has been copied and usually new mobile phones have been purchased in your name.  At the end of the month - you will get the bill for those phones.

If you get a call from a courier company, just put the phone down.

NEXT:  I attended a meeting of the Thames Valley Association of NHW Exec group, last Thursday the 25th July in Thame, with John Diack, who is the ‘Multi Scheme Administrator’ - the Neighbourhood Watch guru  for the whole of RBWM.  He also, sits on the Association, as its secretary.

John is the ‘go to’ person, if you need new or replacement street signs - which he will let you have free of charge ! - or round window stickers.

He meets regularly with me each Wednesday morning to discuss any matters relating to NHW.  He also has a really good working relationship with the Area Commander Supt Colin Hudson.

The Thames valley Association of NHW are looking at how they can develop and support Neighbourhood Watch across the entire Thames Valley. John and I agree - there is no level of ‘hierarchy’, imposing rules and regulations from above. Neighbourhood Watch, is a grass roots organisation, with additional levels of support - if you need it.  Schemes belong to their members.  Co-ordinators are volunteers and we must all thanks them for the time, effort and work they put in !  Can I express the grateful thanks for all you do, from the entire community - thankyou.

The Association’s purpose is to support all of you. in the work that you do to make your communities better and safer.

If you need any more information / signs / stickers / want to chat about setting up a new scheme / reviving your existing scheme / trying to find a replacement co-ordinator - email John at:

Thursday 1st August, I had a brilliant lunch with ‘The Probus Club’ in the Bull in Bisham.  This is a retired business person’s lunch club.  If that description fits you and you think a really good lunch and chat with other retired business people sounds good - let me know and I will put you in contact with them.  There are Probus groups all over the Borough - there will be one near you.  I had to earn my lunch, by presenting afterwards, but they were a brilliant and very interactive and engaged audience.  My grateful thanks to them - I really enjoyed it - and I met some really interesting people - and - learnt a lot !.
For those of you who follow us on Twitter - you will see I have been running a campaign - DON’T LET IT BE YOU.  to promote the Clear Car campaign.  PCSO Erwin Misiarz, walked through the supermarket and train station car Park in Sunningdale, earlier this week.  Within 20 minutes, he had sent me 16 photos.  These included photos of cars with:  A flat screen TV and a briefcase on the back seat.  Several cars with their Sat Nav still attached to the widescreen, several cars with expensive additional speakers in the passenger foot well or a bag of shopping with the owner’s purse sitting very visible on the top - the list goes on and on !  DON’T LET IT BE YOU !

3/8  Saturday 7.30 p.m.  Shopping Centre.  CCTV showed 3 young men breaking into the centre and forcing the doors.  By the time this had been noticed, they had left.

4/8  Sunday 5 p.m. / 6.40 p.m.  Evenlode.  Young people have been smashing a veranda.

1/8 -2/8  Thursday 11 p.m. / Friday 6 a.m.  Hurley Lock.  Attempt to force side door to a car.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
2/8 - 5/8  Choseley Road.  Front and rear index plates stolen.

1/8 - 5/8  Alwyn Road.  Burglary.  Entry via forced side French Windows.  Untidy search of the whole house.  Car and house keys stolen.
4/8 - 5/8  Sunday midnight / Monday 9 a.m.  Switchback Road North.  The owner awoke to find the kitchen door open and laptop and iPad missing.
2/8  Friday 10.30 p.m.  Alwyn Road.  People walking along the road have damaged a fence.

2/8 Friday 5 a.m.  Northumbria Road.  Shed break.  Door forced off.  Unknown if anything stolen.
1/8 - 2/8  Thursday 8.30 p.m. / Friday 9.15 a.m.  Lancastria Mews.  Car driver’s side window smashed.  Nothing stolen.
30/7 - 3/8  Wessex Way.  A Telephone engineer reports that telephone wires have been cut to approx. 20 houses.  Second time in 2 weeks.
4/8  Sunday 9.30 p.m.  Fane Way.  White Ford transit index YR ** GMU stolen from outside a property.
3/8 - 4/8  Saturday 6 p.m. / Sunday 10.45 a.m.  Phoenix Court, Norrey’s Drive.  Light blue, Transit van index NL ** LW.  stolen from outside a property

4/8  Sunday 11.45 p.m.  Ascot Road.  Compressor stolen from a building site.

 on: August 05, 2019, 01:31:35 PM 
Started by Paris - Last post by TaylorMadeLiveries
Hi guys

Update. Sent this to Summerleaze earlier today. Will let you know if I get a response.

In the meantime I will be collecting evidence to support our claim over the next couple of weeks and will continue to update when i can.

"I'm writing with regards to the recent blocking of the link path between Footpath 49 and 50 in Cookham.

I have just received the necessary forms from RBWM. I wanted to state my intent to pursue 3 separate Bridleway and Footpath claims across Summerleaze land.

However , I do know that Peter Prior does a lot of work with the cycling community across the borough and is very involved with Maidenhead Waterways Project which I very much support.

Summerleaze has a positive reputation for supporting local good causes. With this in mind I feel the most reasonable course of action is to contact you to resolve the situation before making any official claims with RBWM. I feel strongly that we can work together on this issue, to the benefit of all.

Yours Faithfully
Mark Christie
Taylor Made Liveries"

 on: August 05, 2019, 01:08:19 AM 
Started by gardenman - Last post by James Hatch
Thanks Liz. Here is another clip that I put together this morning. I known it is August, but our blooms are what garden buffs like to see:
So turn up your sound.

 on: August 04, 2019, 02:45:54 PM 
Started by smokey1 - Last post by Roger
Probably the train company, which will finally be financed by the commuter.

 on: August 04, 2019, 08:48:28 AM 
Started by smokey1 - Last post by smokey1
From last night and today there will be no trains from Marlow to Maidenhead and vice versa. Apple coaches will replace these, but who is paying for it. We duly bought our train tickets expecting them to be collected when we got on the bus, but no the driver was not bothered, so everyone gets a free bus ride, who is paying for all this?Huh 

 on: August 03, 2019, 09:39:09 PM 
Started by James Hatch - Last post by James Hatch
I am posting this a second time as I have made changes to the voiceover. So turn up your sound and enjoy:

 on: August 03, 2019, 09:33:20 PM 
Started by James Hatch - Last post by James Hatch
I am posting this clip in a couple of places. Here it is in for the photographer/hobbyist and in the second slot because of its historical family nature.

So turn your sound up.

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