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Author Topic: Distraction Burglaries and Doorstop selling  (Read 2427 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: July 07, 2008, 05:39:10 PM »

Distraction Burglaries and Doorstop selling - 1 yesterday in Maidenhead and a suspicious incident where a man tapped on the window saying he was working next door and needed to be let in to turn off the water. 

What often happens, is an elderly person may need their garden tended and a man comes to the door offering to do it and usually, the price quoted is very cheap.  It seems easy, so they accept.  Please circulate details of Repair with Care to anyone in your area who is of pensionable age.  Julie Howard and her team at Repair with Care keep a list of Trustworthy Tradesmen which is freely available to any pensioner in the Royal Borough.  She overseas the work and then authorises any payment - her number is 01628 545000.  She also deals with the Lifeline pendants and has Brian, a handyman that can help with most household tasks for a very reasonable hourly rate,  She also ensures that anyone referred to her team, is in receipt of any benefits they may be entitled to.

When dealing with anyone at the door, please simply say - 'I do not buy goods and services at the door' and firmly close the door without engaging in conversation.

We are programmed to be helpful and if the person mentioned there was no reply from a house down the road, you could easily be helpful and point out that they are on holiday for the next 2 weeks !

ID's - No-one comes into your home unless you know them, or they have made an appointment.  There is no purpose in checking ID's, as you will have no idea what the ID should look like, or if it is genuine.  If any service provider needs to come into your home to read a meter, set a password.  Simply phone them up and agree the word you want to use - one you will remember !

If anyone else knocks at your door, simply do not answer it if you are not expecting anyone and turn up the radio, to show that someone is at home.  Just because your doorbell rings, does not mean you must answer it.  If you do, you should put the door chain on.  If it is someone that says they need help, ask them to wait on the doorstep while you do whatever it is they need - phone a garage, phone a doctor, get a jug of water for a radiator.  Never leave them unaccompanied with your door catch on, or the door left ajar.

Finally, if you are working in your garden, make sure any side door is locked.  We get opportunist thieves listening out for hedge trimmers and mowers.  They then simply walk down the side of the house going into kitchens and lifting handbags.  If you catch them they will come up with a reason as to why they are in your home and then make off before you realise what has happened.

AND lastly - if the front doorbell goes, any rear doors must be locked, before you answer it !
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