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Author Topic: Crime Update  (Read 134 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: January 28, 2019, 04:46:02 PM »

I know you like to be made aware when we undertake joint operations, relating to underage sales, hence this email to you, and your onward inclusion in the Alert, if you see fit.
Last night, (Thursday 24th January) jointly with TVP Officers, Trading Standards officers, conducted an underage sales operation, to tie in with the week of action, related to ‘knife crime’.  We were assisted by volunteer Police Cadets, aged 14 to 17, who, following a detailed briefing, acted as agents for us.
We tested 10 shops in Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Two shops sold to the volunteer underage agents, one, an independently owned discount store in the town centre, and the other, is a household retailer, part of a national chain.
We are taking follow-up action now against the individuals, who sold the knives and the companies they work for.
Kind regards
Rob Abell
Fair Trading Officer
Excellent work Rob !
NEXT:  A message from RBWM Community Warden Clive Dent:
Dear All,
Could we please publicise the above event.
World Safe Internet Day 5th Feb 2019
Barclays Bank, High Street, Maidenhead are running an event offering advice and safety tips when on line. It starts at 11am. On Tuesday 5th February.
Members of the Royal Borough Scam Team will be there to support the event.
Clive Dent
Communities, Enforcement & Partnerships
Tel: 01628 685636
25/1  Friday 6 p.m.  Brampton Court.  Burglary.  ENTRY VIA INSECURE REAR DOOR.  The owner was awoken by someone in her room.  The offender immediately made off.  Handbag stolen from the living room and a gold half hunter pocket watch stolen from the spare room.
27/1  Sunday midnight / 4 p.m.  Kestrel Court, Heron Way.  The owner went to their car to find excrement smeared over the car door handles.  Second incident involving his car.
25/1 - 26/1 Friday 9 p.m. / Saturday 4.45 a.m.  Ellington Park.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS.  Untidy search - Cheque book, spare car key and cash stolen.
26/1 - 27/1  Saturday 3 p.m. / Sunday 11 a.m.  Brampton Court.  CAR LEFT UNLOCKED - Handbag and contents stolen.
28/1  Monday 0.50 a.m. / 1 a.m.  Hargrave Road.  Van break.  Driver’s side door lock forced - A neighbour heard the alarm sound and looked out.  They saw a man running to a white Transit van and driving off.  This is a repeat victim.  The last time the offenders got nothing as they also made off as the alarm sounded.
25/1 - 27/1  Friday 4 p.m. / Sunday 3.45 p.m.  Cookham Road.  Van break side door forced - Tools stolen.
25/1 - 26/1  Friday 5 p.m. / Saturday 8.30 a.m.  Farm, Long Lane, Cookham.  Offenders cut their way into a poly tunnel and stole 2 car jacks.  Neighbouring properties also targeted.
25/1  Friday midnight / 8.45 a.m.  Odney Lane.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS.  LAPTOP stolen from the boot.
25/1 - 26/1  Friday 6 p.m. / Saturday 8.30 a.m.  Lower Mount Farm Lane.  Offenders have broken into a yard and removed exhaust pipes and catalytic converters and some tools.
25/1  Friday 11.20 p.m.  School, Furze Platt Road.  Entry via INSECURE rear door.  Admin offices door forced and searched.  Reception area searched.  Ring and key stolen.  CCTV shows the man - Asian, mid to late 20s, medium build, beard and moustache, wearing a puffa jacket, hoody (with hood up) and jeans.
25/1 - 26/1  Friday 4 p.m. / Saturday 1.30 p.m.  Shifford Crescent.  Nail pushed into the sidewall of a tyre.
25/1  Friday 9.15 p.m.  Halifax Road.  A witness reported a group of 12 - 15 youths walking along the road, trying car door handles.  If you see this, it is a crime in progress and should be reported to the police using the 999 number.
26/1  Saturday 9.50 p.m.  Somersby Crescent.  The owner of a car disturbed someone getting into their car.  He is described as white, 30s, medium build wearing a bobble hat, dark jacket and trousers.
27/1 - 28/1  Sunday 3 p.m. / Monday 7.25 a.m.  Ribstone Road.  Van break.  Rear doors forced - tools stolen.
Not seen this one before.
Regards Ken
It apparently comes from the TV Licensing people to say your licence is about to expire and your Direct Debit payment was declined !
Please click on the link below for more information !
Just to let you know for the next bulletin, a member of my staff was caught out by a DVLA scam email, offering her a refund of her DD payments. She knew something was not right, but filled out the form with all her bank details and emailed it back.
Then had a second thought and checked the DVLA website and realised what she had done. She quickly transferred all her money from that account to another one, so lost nothing financially, except the inconvenience of having to wait for a new card.
However, she then made it potentially worse by sending them an angry text message !
I explained that often the emails are randomly selected by a computer, not a personal target, but now she has sent them her mobile number, which proves that they have now contacted a real person.
So a warning to all – do the necessary to make yourself and your accounts safe, but don’t do anything else, however tempting it is!!
As I keep saying, we have instincts for a reason !  If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  Listen, to that nagging doubt.
Many thanks Miriam - I could not have put it better - myself !
NEXT:  From John
A Sextortion Scam, received by my wife !
It is the usual, you don’t know me.
I hacked your computer some months ago and installed malware on certain porn sites.
When you went to one of these sites, it automatically started to record both you and the site you were watching - etc. etc. 
Apparently $450 in Bitcoins, is a reasonable price for preventing them sending the footage they have to everyone in your personal address book !
They then include a long code of letters and numbers, for their Bitcoin Wallet, for the payment.  The time limit has shortened, it used to be 12 days, but is now 48 hours.
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