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Author Topic: Crime Update  (Read 55 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: October 15, 2018, 08:15:06 PM »

Many thanks to those that have emailed through to say, yes please.  We are taking this forward.  We will be organising input from PC Graham Slater the Schools Officer, who will do a workshop on Online Safety / Sexting, PC Angela Ferrucci from our safeguarding Team, will do one on CSE and Being Safe when out and about, Debie Pearmain from our Licensing Team will input Underage Drinking / Fake IDs, Theresa Allen from the Young People & Substance Misuse as well as others.  We will be working with the RBWM Community Wardens and youth Services, to put this together and find venues.
I am really grateful to all those that emailed me with interest.  Please let me know if you have children / grandchildren that you want to attend, so that we can assess numbers to choose locations and venues.
Thank you for your support.  All this has come about, because one of you, - Juliette - made a suggestion.  Keep them coming.
13/10 - 14/10  Saturday 9 p.m. / Sunday 9.15 a.m.  Spencer’s Road.  Burglary.  A witness reported a window at the rear of the property and another window had been forced.  Unknown if anything stolen.
12/10  Friday 9.45 p.m.  Ellington Park.  The owner returned to the car to find the front windscreen smashed.  Vandalism.
12/10 11.40 a.m. / noon.  High Street.  Locked up bike in a bike rack stolen.  A black, BMC Racing Blast, mountain bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.
13/10  Saturday 9.30 a.m. / 12.30 p.m.  Grenfell Place.  Attempted bike theft.  Bike locked in a bike rack, had one of it locks removed.
13/10 6 p.m. / 7.45 p.m.  Ray Park Road.  The owner returned home and was unloading the car making several journeys.   He they came out and found a bag containing a wallet and camping gear stolen.
10/10 - 15/10  Wednesday 4 p.m. / Monday 1 p.m.  Sutton Road, Cookham.  2 burglaries last week.  On Wednesday offenders broke into the yard and stole a lawn mower, hedge trimmer & strimmer and on Sunday an outbuilding was targeted.
14/10  Sunday 1 p.m.  Clarefield Drive.  The aggrieved was at home when a blue van pulled up outside and parked.  A man got out and cut fencing.  He then started to move items around.  The aggrieved called the police, who attended immediately.  The man made off, but was found nearby and arrested upon suspicion of burglary dwelling.
13/10 - 14.10  Saturday 2.30 p.m. / Sunday 7 p.m.  Switchback Road North.  Burglary.  Entry via forced rear door via a glass panel.  Untidy search of the whole house.  Not yet known if anything stolen.
13/10 - 15/10  Saturday 3 p.m. / Monday 7.15 a.m.  Sheephouse Road.  Site gates damaged in an attempt to break in.  Nothing stolen.
13.10  Saturday 7.25 p.m.  Havelock Road. A man walked up a driveway and tried a car door handle.  .  THE CAR HAD BEEN LEFT UNLOCKED.  He was disturbed and immediately made off on a bike towards Havelock Road.  He is described as white, 5’66, medium build, muscly build.  Wearing a black & white backpack.
22/9 - 12/10  Courtlands.  Garage break.  Entry via a roof void.  Searched but nothing stolen.
13/10 - 14/10  Curls Lane.  Garage break.  The door had been forced with a spade.  Items moved about.  4 bikes stolen.  1.  A grey & green, Specialized Ariel, ladies, hybrid. Bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.  2.  A silver, Specialized Sirrus Alloy Disk, man’s hybrid bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.  3.  A black & red, Specialized Hardrock 26, man’s mountain bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.  4.  A very valuable, black and red, Specialized Roubaix Sport, man’s racing bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.
13/10  Saturday 8.50 p.m.  Rutland Gate.  A man rode up on a bike, opened a car, carried out a search and made off with loose change.  He is described as white, early 30s, 5’6 - 6’, slim to medium, wearing a grey hoody, baggy light coloured jeans. Small black back pack.
14/10  Sunday 8 p.m.  Graham Close.  The owner checked their CCTV.  It shows a man walking up his driveway and trying all the car door handles.  He then walked off trying other car door handles in the Close.
FIRST: from Pat
Can I tell you about a scam that happened to the friend in Waitrose Marlow.
My friend had finished her shopping.  She had put everything in her car and was about to drive away, when a young man knocked on her car window, telling her that while she was shopping, somebody bumped into her car.  She got out of the car, leaving her bag in the well of the car.  She bent down to see the damage at the back of the car.  There didn’t seem to be any damage.
When she got back into her car, her purse had been taken from her handbag.
Waitrose were brilliant and cancelled all her cards for her.  Fortunately the scammers didn’t have time to take anything.
It is quite a scary scam and they obviously targeted an elderly lady
Please be aware
NEXT:  from Bill:
Bill has received an email purportedly from the DVLA, telling him that it was an offence to drive around in an untaxed car and he was liable to a fine of £1,000.
It goes on to say that their records show his car is untaxed.  It adds a confusing statement that you must pay even if you are exempt, due to a disability.
There is then the usual, CLICK BELOW for more details !
Thanks Bill
NEXT from Georgina re call blocking phones:
Several weeks ago, I signed up for ‘BT Call Protect’ and it seems to work, to a certain extent!  Your readers might be interested, if they are on BT.  It blocks the last call received and can be googled.  Very precise info how to do it.
However, just had the usual rubbish call about your computer has been hacked.  After the call, I dialled 1471 and made a note of number, which turned out to be Huddersfield, So blocked it.
My point is, these seem to be calling from a landline within UK.  Normally it is from India or a mobile.
Readers need to be warned and sign up for 1572 which works, even though you might have to do it several times for different numbers.  It seems to be better than TPS - (Telephone Preference Service).
Kind regards and carry on the good work
NEXT from George:
My elderly mother in law’s financial advisor received a very suspicious email - apparently from her.  As it looked suspicious, he called to check before transferring the funds requested in the email.
The email to him, apparently from my mother in law, says:
that she has been hit with some huge bills and needs £50,000 transferred to a specified numbered account.  Please empty whatever accounts are necessary to send this amount.
I have no idea how they got hold of her and her financial advisor’s details to write such an email. It does not look as though it has actually been sent from my mother in law’s email account as it is not in her sent box, or deleted sent items.  The email though, does show her correct email address.
It seems like someone has hacked either my mother in law’s email, or the financial advisors email account, to get the details and has been able to send a convincing email, for an address which looks like my mother in law’s email address.
We called the police 101 number to report it, they said to change the password for the email account, just in case.
They also said that as it was an on line fraud, we should also report it to Action Fraud, on 03001232040.
It also seems it is not a crime the police will investigate, until the money has been stolen, which seems very worrying. Does it mean criminals can try as much as they like and will only be investigated if they are successful ?
Kind regards
This is a really worrying case.  It sounds more like the Financial Advisor has been hacked.  They will have his inbox and can see who his clients are.  From the emails, they will be able to see how much money those clients have in which accounts and perhaps more about their circumstances, in order to write emails like this one, purporting to be from a known client, thus avoiding too much suspicion, to someone who was busy.
NEXT from Barbara:
I wanted to let you know about something that happened to me yesterday.
I received a call on my mobile, from someone claiming to be from my bank. They said they suspected that my account had been compromised and they had spotted two large payment requests.  They needed to check whether they were genuine.
Of course they were not.
Sadly, this approach made me pay attention and initially, they sounded very convincing, especially as the number they called me on, “appeared” to be the number of my bank.
When they asked me to open my account online and check for further transactions, I smelled a rat.
I did not open the account, ended the call and immediately called my bank, who confirmed that they had not and would not, call me.
I was initially taken in by them, which leaves me feeling very stupid and I wanted to warn others.
Perhaps you can add this to your lists of “scams”?
Best wishes,
Don't feel bad or foolish if you get a call like this and don’t put the phone down immediately.  These scams are successful, because the scammers are really good at what they do.  They catch you unawares and then panic you into a decision about what to do.  They spend all day doing this, honing their skills.
It can happen to anyone.  Whenever you get a call like this, please remember to think.  Just say thank-you, I need a minute or two to think about what to do, then phone your bank on a separate line - in case they are holding it open - and make enquiries.
NEXT from Pam
I would like to tell you about a scam which has recently affected my son-in-law.
He is a landscape gardener, who was approached by a company, to advertise in a publication - they said - was distributed to Police and Fire Service employees.
He agreed to place an advert and paid £235 using a card.
A couple of weeks later, he received a call from a different company, saying that he owed a further £295 for the advert.  Somehow, he was persuaded to pay this amount and gave that company his card details.
A week or so later, another company called and said that he owed a further £395.  My son-in-law said that he didn’t have his card details with him to avoid paying again. They then threatened that they would take legal action, if he didn’t pay. They added that it was OK, as they already had his card details from the previous transactions.  They would take payment directly.
When he phoned the original company, they said they had never heard of the other two companies and that they had nothing to do with the publication.
He called his bank, but they said that it was unlikely that he would be able to recover the money.
Have you come across this scam before and do you know if there is a way of recovering the money?  Would civil legal action be a possibility, assuming the bank would provide details of the scammers?
Many thanks,
Yes, this is a well know scam.  These publications are rarely genuine.  They are certainly not circulates to us, nor have anything to do with us.  I have asked Honor Ryan from Trading Standards to assist, but she says it is a private business to business contract and therefore a civil matter and the only remedy is through County Courts.  If anyone has had a similar experience, they should Google ‘Money Claim Online’ this will explain the procedure.
Please remember our motto with any cold callers on the phone / email / at the door !
I am sorry I do not buy goods and services at the door - or on the phone !
NEXT from Karen:
Do the scammers never give up ??
Karen has had an email from a retail group for $49 for iTunes.  The email goes on to say the purchase will automatically renew and carry over each month, unless she clicks on the LINK, to cancel it
No Karen - they never give up.  There will always be someone who clicks on the link.  If they get a 1 % or even ½% return, they will do very well.
If you get the slightest glimmer of a suspicion in the back of your mind - put down the receiver !
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