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Author Topic: To the owner of the white car; Cookham station carpark, 11.50am this morning  (Read 1383 times)
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« on: May 14, 2014, 01:54:00 PM »

Dear madam

I am sorry that I was a little short with you when I found you about to park my car in and blithely walk away this morning. I assume the thought of actually walking a hundred yards from the High St or Peace Lane was just a little too much for you to bear. You had already had to make some tough decisions, I'm sure, such as whether to bring the Range Rover instead. Or whether to drive yourself or have the gardener pop you down and wait for you.

While I'm sure the affairs of the underclass who must use the station carpark because their modest little properties lack offstreet parking are, I'm sure, of no interest whatsoever to you, I will take the liberty to share a little with you.

Yesterday afternoon my partner's brother's son was killed in a farm accident in Ireland. He was 28. He was to be married in November. His father was the first to find him.

So, you see, we were rushing to the airport when, by good fortune, we spotted you about to park us in. I do not know where you were going or how long it might have taken to locate you and get your car moved. I'm sure you simply had no thought for the lives of others, with whom you intersected this morning. I'm sure we shan't trouble you again. Nor can I resort to a belief in such things as Karma. If there were Karma, a gentle giant who never had a bad word for anyone and who was loved by all would still be with us.

So instead, I can only hope that - at some point - you realize that your actions *do* affect the lives of others, for good and for ill. And that - from this point on - you resolve to consider those other lives in your daily conduct.
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