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Author Topic: Crime 21 April 2017  (Read 656 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: April 21, 2017, 05:13:22 PM »

I sent this message to Ascot today….. but the same principle applies everywhere !!

20/4  Thursday 2 a.m. / 2.20 a.m.  Murray court.  CAR LEFT INSECURE ENTERED AND SEARCHED.  MOBILE PHONE stolen from central storage area.  CCTV shows one lad searching the car, while another acts as lookout at the bottom of the drive.  Do you live nearby and have CCTV ?  Can you please check yours ?  You may not be aware you have been targeted, as you haven’t actually been a victim of crime, perhaps because your car was locked !! But you may have had these lads look at you car / garage etc.  I AM ALSO GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN – EVERYONE MUST DO BETTER TO PROTECT THEIR PROPERTY.  CARS MUST BE LEFT WITH NOTHING ON DISPLAY – LOCKED.  Residents who leave their cars unlocked – for any reason – act as a ‘crime attractor’.  If our opportunist thieves know that a percentage of the cars in Ascot are left unlocked, they will come to Ascot and target the cars there.  While there – perhaps in your road – they will also look out for easy burglary targets !!!  They won’t only target cars, but any other opportunity they find !
20/4 – 21/4  Thursday 7 p.m. / Friday 9.25 a.m.  Archer Close.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS.  Purse and contents stolen.
14/4 – 20/4  Aero Club, White Waltham Airfield.  Aeroplane door forced open – it is a fuselage used for filming.  Prop champagne bottles, cleaning products and a heater / de-humidifier stolen.
19/4  Wednesday 4.30 p.m. / 5.15 p.m.  Hurley Lock, Mill Lane.  Car rear windscreen smashed and a handbag stolen.  The handbag was recovered later abandoned beside the road in Henley.
13/4 – 20/4  Thursday 5 p.m. / Thursday 8.30 a.m.  Cherry Garden Lane.  Attempted break-in.  Damage marks found around a door frame.  Screws removed from hinges.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
20/4  Thursday 11 a.m. / noon.  Harefield Road.  A witness saw 2 thieves drive up in a white van and attempt to steal 2 bikes.  A neighbour disturbed them and made them remove a bike they had already put into the van.
19/4 – 20/4  Wednesday 6 p.m. / Thursday noon.  Norden Road.  Van driver’s side door lock drilled and the side scratched.  Nothing stolen.

FIRST & SECOND from Margaret & Malcolm re BT SCAMS:
Have just had a second call today, supposedly from BT – their Fibre Optic Department.
They said that my internet had been hacked by someone in Mountain View California, and my internet was being used illegally.
The caller – ‘Jennifer Smith’ - (in fact she sounded very foreign) - gave me what was purportedly, my ‘Customer Licence Security No’. (I am not sure if this is correct or even a real thing).
She wanted me to access my computer, to show me, that she was genuine. I asked for a phone number to call back and she gave me 020 71936426 which if rung is answered 'BT'.
As I was suspicious from the outset, I immediately phoned a BT number, from our current invoice 'BT Virus Protect'.  They said, they are not aware of any hacking into BT Internet.
Perhaps this can be looked into. Obviously another scam, so please make everyone aware.
Thank you.

Margaret did exactly the right thing.  Never respond to any phone numbers / email addresses in messages like these.  Always get out an old bill and use the number in them.  If in doubt, never respond immediately, that is what they want you to do in panic.  Take a breath, reach for your real paperwork and then calmly speak to the real person, whether that is BT, Talk Talk, or your bank.  Many thanks Margaret.
In case it’s of interest:
I just took a call from an Asian sounding caller, claiming to be from BT calling about my broadband speed.
He claimed BT had lots of complaints from people who lived in my area, about slow broadband and he was calling, to help improve it.  He did not appear to know I am with Sky !
I asked him 3 times, if he was sure he was from BT and each time, he claimed he was.
It was clearly a scam and I said it wasn’t convenient to deal with the issue right now. He is due to ring back in an hour. A time I suggested, when I knew l would be out !
Meantime, a quick call to BT confirmed it was a SCAM and I have given them the number he gave me.
Others may take warning from this.

Thanks Malcolm, message received and circulated.  These calls come from large call centres, making thousands, upon thousands of calls every day.  They only need a small percentage of those calls to be successful, to make the enterprise and huge organisation worthwhile.  What we have to know is – it may well be more than a small percentage of the calls which are successful, as they are still doing it !!!
NEXT – from Pauline – the old HMRC phishing email:
Just received an email, purporting to be from ‘’.
It was addressed to ‘Dear -then gave my email address’, saying that I needed to fill in the attached form, to claim a refund.
As it looked totally suspicious, I phoned HMRC who confirmed they would only ever send a letter regarding a refund and never an email.
I was asked to forward it to them, which I have done and deleted the email and obviously did not open the attachment.
In case others receive this the email, they should forward it to:










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