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Author Topic: Crime Update - Thursday  (Read 456 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: August 02, 2018, 05:44:54 PM »

What do you do about a car, you think may be abandoned in your road ?
One of our members emailed me to ask what he should do about a car which had been parked up in his road, but which had not moved for a long time.  He reported it to the DVLA, who explained that the car was not reported stolen and was still taxed, but the MOT had expired several months ago.
He tried to report the lack of MOT to the police on the 101 number and was upset, that we would not take the report.
He has forwarded a screen print of the page from the DVLA website, which is vague.  The website clearly states that members of the public should report ‘no Road Fund Licence’ to the DVLA and - no MOT to the police on the 101 number.
‘Call the police’s non-emergency number to report a car, van, motorcycle or other vehicle that does not have an MOT’.
‘You can only report a vehicle with no MOT if it is being used on a road. This includes parked vehicles’.
This is not immediately clear.  Cars should only be reported to the police as having no MOT - if they are being used on the roads.  A parked up - even on the highway as well as a drive is, not committing an offence by not having an MOT !  It becomes an offence the minute the car is driven.
I hope that helps.  You can check if a car is taxed or MOT’d or abandoned on the DVLA website -
This went out in Windsor, but is useful Crime Prevention advice for everyone:
31/7 - 1/8  Tuesday midnight / Wednesday noon.  Winkfield Road.  Attempted garage break.  Attempt to force garage door, but padlock still held.  The item to protect a garage if you keep valuable items inside is a T Bar Garage defender available from good DIY stores and online suppliers, as well as a battery operated PIR motion and heat sensor shed alarm.
1/8  Wednesday 6.40 p.m.  High Street.  Locked up bike stolen.  A black & silver, Carrera, mans, mountain bike. - WITH FRAME NUMBER.
1/8 - 2/8 Wednesday 10 p.m. / Thursday 6 a.m.  Shepherd’s Close, Hurley.  The rear roof panel has been forcibly removed and stolen from a Challenger, caravan parked on the driveway.
The porn Scam email is still being circulated.  Please tell everyone you know that it is a scam to reassure them.
I admit, it gave me a shock, when it popped up. It is a bit worrying that they had a version of my password that I use for all those unimportant sites that insist you log in, you before you can check their stock.
Regards Su
Can I remind everyone, that while we are investigating the porn ‘Sextortion’ emails, can you please put a piece of tape, over any webcam / camera in your computer / laptop, whether or not anyone who has access to that device may be accessing particular sites.  Cameras can now be accessed remotely, as can microphones.  If you have been phished / scammed over the past few months, there may not have been any noticeable repercussions.  I would suggest, that this would be a good time, for everyone to change their computer passwords - just in case.
Perhaps they do get them from online sites ?  For example, if you go on any of the travel sites, they want you to register and create a personal password in order to be able to look at your ‘Account’.  Many of us ….. may simply put in our current password…… so that we can remember it Huh  we must all remember not to do that.  Paul Hay our volunteer IT Guru, suggests we create different passwords for each of these online companies - eg EbayPurcha5ing, Kayak Hol1day, Trave1SupermarketHote1. Substituting an appropriate number for one or more of the letters, to make them individual and memorable.
NEXT a scam HMRC telephone call:
Good morning
Not sure if I should be reporting this to you or not...................
I had a phone call this morning at 9.40 from 02081 444100, to say the HMRC have issued a court order against me, for unpaid taxes.  I should pay up, before it gets that far and to phone them for an address......
I do not owe any taxes, never had any messages from HMRC and feel intimidated that they should even phone my number.
Many thanks
Thanks Yvonne.  Rest assured this is a scam and - you didn’t fall for it.  You have not been targeted personally.  A computer generates random 8 or 9 digit numbers and dials them in batches of ten or more.  A large percentage will not be real telephone numbers.  Several may in fact ring.  If one is picked up, the others are discarded and form part of the next ten to be dialled.  The person on the other end, has no idea who you are, but they have a script to follow, with options depending upon the answers you give - so - no conversation !  Just put the phone down.
NEXT: email HMRC Scams:
My wife received an e-mail purporting to come from HMRC.  It is an obvious scam, since the address is not one that HMRC uses, although it uses a number of terms that people would recognise. It also implies that you will be asked for information that HMRC, would never ask for. I asked her to forward it to me, but it has not arrived so my suspicion is that my security system, has blocked it.
Perhaps you can warm people against it. I don’t know how easy it is to tackle the source. My concern is that the majority of the people who read your alerts would see this for what it is. It is the rest that need to be protected.
On the same HMRC scams - this has come in from Tess.
On Tuesday 17 July, I received three calls at 10.08, 15.22 and 17.13 with the electronic message in a female voice saying:
‘HMRC has filed a lawsuit against you.  Press 1, to speak to your case officer’.
I ignored that and put down the receiver but I did dial 1471 and got a phone number.  I tried to report this to the police but:
there was no reply when I phoned the number given on ActionFraud; and
The website of offered no means of reporting anything.  Shall I just forget about it?
Hi Tess, the website is functioning, as I get fraud reports through from Action Fraud into the police computers.
The correct email address is:

NEXT: This is how David deals with these calls:
We get a few nuisance calls on our landline (one or two a day), so with any number I don't recognise, I just pick up the phone and wait.  If it's an automated dialler, the call will drop after a few seconds.  If it's a real person, then I'll wait until they say something first and then decide, whether just to put the phone down, or to speak to them.
Good advice David.  Please remember, not to give any personal information to anyone on the phone you do not know.  The most you say when you pick up the phone is ‘hello’.
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