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Author Topic: Crime Update  (Read 182 times)
Thames Valley Police
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« on: November 20, 2018, 04:50:10 PM »

Some messages before I start.
FIRST:  We are being targeted at the moment, by a group of opportunist burglars from abroad.  This group have been targeting high value properties, not only in the Thames Valley, but across the entire UK !  They have a range of MOs and as it is a fairly large team, they change the group that carry out the burglaries to help confuse the police.  There was a high value burglary over the weekend in Ascot, which we believe was carried out by this group.  I asked at this morning’s briefing what I should put out as a warning.  Detective Inspector Will Crowther said that we do not believe they carry out intensive reconnaissance before a burglary.  He believes a part of the group are given an area and sent to do whatever ‘jobs’ they can.  He felt their ‘professionalism’ was low and are not much above opportunists.  What they have to their advantage, is that they are unknown to the police in this country.
If they reconnoitre, they use very old beat up cars, or hire cars.  It is essential therefore that members of the public keep their eyes peeled for cars driving around target areas suspiciously.  He would like you to report all suspicious cars to us, using the online reporting system below.  If it is about suspicious cars possibly targeting potential burglaries, we will need a description of the car and its occupants with the index number please.
18/11  Sunday noon / 6.05 p.m.  London Road, Ascot.  Burglary.  The owners went out, locking the property and setting the alarm.  The alarm was activated at 6.04 p.m.  The owners had been called by the alarm company, but were out, with their phones switched off.  To gain entry the offenders climbed a drain pipe to access the first floor.  They then forced on the master bedroom ensuite bathroom window.  They have then just searched the master bedroom suite, particularly the walk in wardrobe and chests of drawers.  A large amount of very valuable jewellery and a Rolex watch stolen.  It is believed this is part of the burglaries being carried out by the foreign team.  As I pointed out last week, it is believed they target the first floor, because people have only been setting the ground floor when going out.
I have had this through regarding this group from Sgt Anna Davison in the Burglary Team:
Another positive update on Burglary.
On the 15/10/18, two foreign men were arrested for a Burglary which occurred in Eton Wick, on the 9th November. Although the investigating officers were unable to secure enough evidence to charge them with the offence, both men have been reviewed by Immigration and will now be deported from this country, with measures in place, to prevent them from returning to the UK.
It is believed that these males formed part of an organised group and so this is an excellent result, with Thames Valley Police working in partnership with Immigration, to disrupt criminality and prevent them from committing further offences, in our community.
Burglary Team – Windsor and Maidenhead LPA
We are having a problem with keyless cars being stolen.  More over the weekend.  Keyless car thefts, are a problem that could be avoided.  The signal from keyless fobs can be captured and copied.  Owners must therefore take special precautions to prevent this happening.  It does though take away the advantages of having a keyless entry system:
Always keep keyless fobs in a ‘Faraday cage’ !  That means any metal container, which prevents the signal from escaping and being copied.
These include the small metal credit card cases, with the plastic card slots removed
Caged ladies purses are now available
Caged ladies handbags are also now available.
Never place key fobs in a container, within 30 feet of the pavement or outside perimeter.
Some people come home and store them in the fridge / microwave !
If you have a performance car, likely to be targeted - please - take extra precautions at this time.
Local opportunist offenders, are used by career criminals from London, to spot and locate, car makes, models and colours, to order.  Usually in threes, as that is what container holds.  The local offenders, will follow you home and watch where you park.  That way, when they call the London criminals, they know where to go, to find and copy, the fob signal.  They have a small electronic, copying device.  They will walk up and down the road, until they find and match the signal and then copy it - hence making sure your fob is more than 30 feet, from the pavement.  The car, recognises the copied signal and opens.  The gadget, is slotted into the diagnostic socket under the steering wheel, via an integrated scart socket.  The car starts and can be driven away.  The owner knows nothing and is not alerted, as any tracker that is fitted, is not activated.  The cars are then driven to a garage somewhere, where the fob activation software, is changed.
It is all too simple and is totally, preventable.  We get calls from the owners, who have reported the thefts to us, confused, as they still have both sets of keys !
Some Feedback from Rob Abell at Trading Standards re their operations over Bonfire Night:
I know you are always keen for feedback from our joint Police and Trading Standards operations, for your alerts.
You may be aware that we led on ‘Operation Brimstone’ re test purchasing fireworks, assisted by Officers from TVP.
Nine shops across the Borough were tested, to see if our child agents could purchase fireworks.  We were assisted by two volunteer 15-year-old Police Cadets.  All the shops tested hold licences to sell fireworks during this period, issued by us.  Eight of the shops either wouldn’t sell to them, asked the girls for identification and their ages and then refused the sale.  One shop - a Maidenhead independent retailer, did sell a pack of fireworks to the girls, with no questions asked ! It was a pack of large rockets worth £25.
This will now be followed up.
If any of your members believe a local retailer is in breach of their licensing conditions, selling alcohol or cigarettes to under-age purchasers, can they please let us know and we will include that shop in future test purchase operations.  We are really grateful for any intelligence they can supply.
Kind regards
Rob Abell
Fair Trading Officer
Trading Standards & Licensing Team
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

17/11 - 18/11  Saturday 9 p.m. / Sunday 9 a.m.  Crown Lane.  CAR ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS - Credit cards stolen and used.
19/11  Monday 12.15 p.m. / 2 p.m.  High Street.  Van break while travelling between jobs.  Tools stolen.
16/11  Friday 4.30 p.m.  Market Street.  Two locked up bikes stolen.  1.  A silver & red, Carrera Hellcat, mountain bike.  2.  A black & red, racing bike - with red tyres.
16/11  Friday 7 p.m. / 8.25 p.m.  Leisure Pool Car Park.  Locked up bike stolen from a bike rack.  A red & black, Specialized hybrid bike.
19/11  Monday 4.15 a.m.  High Street, Cookham.  Bike shed break.  A witness saw a man smash the window to a bike store and steal 2 bikes.  They were put into a van, which then drove off.  An area search was carried out by the police, but no-one was traced.  1.  A very valuable, red, Argon Krypton, ladies, racing bike.  2.  A very valuable yellow, Whyte Wessex 1, man’s racing bike.
16/11 - 17/11  Friday 5.30 p.m. / Saturday 7.20 a.m.  Radcot Close.  Car has been damaged - second time in two weeks.
17/11  Saturday 11.30 p.m.  Blenheim Road.  A witness reported a group of youth walking along the car damaging cars.
19/11  Monday 2.10 a.m.  Wavell Road.  A silver BMW M5, index LG ** XEL stolen from outside a house.  The owners were woken up by the sound of the engine starting and the car being driven off towards Allenby Road.  They still have both sets of keys.  The car has hit ANPR in Colnbrook.
15/11 - 16/11  Thursday 4.45 p.m. / Friday 8 a.m.  Rutland Road.  Burglary.  Property being renovated.  Builders barriers removed at the front od the property to gain entry, then via window, as all other points of entry still secure.  Search carried out inside.  Nothing of value appears to have been stolen.
16/11  Friday 8.30 a.m. / 5.20 p.m.  Grenfell Road.  Possible attempted burglary.  The owner returned to find damage to their front door and blood splatters.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
16/11 - 17/11  Friday 6.30 p.m. / Saturday 10 a.m.  Cox Green Road.  Bonnet of car badly keyed.
16/11 - 18/11  Friday 6 p.m. / Sunday 11 a.m.  Bracken Road X2.  Cars badly keyed.  Two cars have been damaged over the weekend.
15/11 - 16/11  Thursday 10 p.m. / Friday 5.30 a.m.  Reeve Road, Holyport.  Glass stolen from a wing mirror.
16/11  Friday 7.15 p.m. / 8.30 p.m.  The Causeway, Bray.  Car parked in a car park, tailgate smashed and luggage stolen.
17/11  Saturday 7.30 a.m. / 2.30 p.m. Station Car Park.  Locked up bike in the station car park stolen from the bike store..  A black & red, Saracen Raw ladies, mountain bike - WITH FRAME NUMBER.

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