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Author Topic: Key Fobs, Courier Crime and Crime Update  (Read 2635 times)
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« on: April 26, 2019, 05:59:34 PM »

More really good advice, if you have a keyless car:
Much is being made of the risks associated with keyless entry fobs, with recommendations to cut the risk including faraday cages and keeping in the microwave or fridge.  However, many, if not all, such fobs include a lock button that overrides the keyless function, even deadlocking with a double-press so that the doors cannot even be opened from the inside. If used this way the car can only be opened and started using the unlock button on the fob.  If you want to cut the risk of your car being stolen by the use of signal amplifiers, simply use the fob the traditional way.
Pc Phil Collings is overseeing all the Courier frauds, so that one person sees them all and can then make plans to combat them.
One of his ideas was to create a talking head video, to show people exactly what happens, that everyone can then circulate to their friends, families, work colleagues and neighbours.
I asked for two volunteer actors, to represent actual victims and Sue and Angus immediately volunteered.  We will be filming this on Monday and will circulate it as soon as we have done the editing !
I can no longer attach images of any kind to Alert messages, so it will go out on Facebook and Twitter.
As I cannot put images in messages, a lot are going out on Facebook.
So - follow us on Facebook:
Relating to Courier Scams - where mobile phones are delivered to you - by mistake - and a courier will be sent to collect them, I have had this in from Jane:
Re Courier scams. I had this happen to me in February.
Luckily your training paid off and I realised it was a scam, but I'm still trying to sort it out. The company which sent the phones, promised to ring me several times, but didn't.  Eventually, they said it was sorted out and could I return the phone to them.
I still get a weekly letter, saying I owe them money and my credit rating will be effected and they will send in the bailiffs.
Then I get another letter saying, it's sorted and so it continues. I too reported it to 101 and Action Fraud who were not very helpful.
These scams come and go.  We had some at the beginning of the year, then they dropped off, but have started again.
If you get a call from someone purporting to be a delivery company, to say a package has been placed on a van for delivery and has already been dispatched, so cannot be called back and a courier will come to collect it after delivery, tell them you understand it is a scam and that you will not be handing the package over, but taking it to the police station.
If a parcel is delivered, you must not hand it to anyone asn your identity has been copied and purchased on a card, which will be chargeable to you.  Make contact with that company and explain what has happened and return the phone - making sure it has to be signed for at their end and you have proof of postage.
Then you need to carry out a credit check, to make sure they have not purchased anything else, or taken out loans in your name !
NEXT:  Supermarket Car Park Scam:
I would like to report a distraction theft in the car park of a supermarket in Dedworth today, Thursday, at about 1230.
My wife had just put her shopping into her car. Locked it and went to take the trolley back.  On returning and unlocking her car, she was approached by a white female and a man seemingly with strong accents. They asked for directions to Burnham, where they were to meet her sister.  They said they were unsure where they were.  My wife suggested they ask in the shop.  My wife got into her car and came home.  She noticed an Asian male joined them, as she left. She has good descriptions of all of them.
Later that day, my wife received a text message from her bank, regarding possible fraud involving her debit card. Oddly, this was message had a suspected Scam attachment, from her phone company !
Thinking at first that it was a scam, we discussed it and I asked my wife where this card was. She could not locate it. She immediately alerted the bank and roughly £125 had been taken from her account, but there had been a further attempt to withdraw £250 cash, which failed.
All the successful purchases, were via "contactless" methods. The card was cancelled.
This one card must have been taken from her wallet inside her handbag, which was zipped up and on the front passenger seat, in matter of seconds. Just the one card was taken leaving others untouched and not even taking £100 in cash. Obviously, they knew what they were doing and quite professional.
My wife is quite shocked that this could happen to her, as she is very aware of such cases, but was drawn in by people asking for help. Taken off guard, this could happen easily to anyone.
Another warning to us all.
The woman, was slim  with dark long hair, mid twenties, wearing blue torn jeans (horizontal tears around the knee ).
The man was in his fifties. Chunky build with a large face especially his nose with pock marked skin.
Best Wishes
Thanks Rod - Can everyone be on their guard and remain aware.
A very similar incident happened in a supermarket car park in Ascot:
25/4  Thursday 4.50 p.m. / 5 p.m.  Supermarket Car Park, London Road.  The aggrieved had parked near the trolleys.  She had finished shopping and loading her car, leaving her handbag on the front street.  She returned the trolley and returned to her car.  She noticed some damage to her car front lights.  A man came up to ask if she had a problem. And she responded that someone had hit her car.  He said he had witnessed the bump and took the aggrieved to a car, where a woman was sitting, who denied hitting the car.  The man then walked off and another witness said they saw him walking to the aggrieved’s car, opening the door and taking something from inside.  The aggrieved’s handbag and contents were stolen including cash, credit cards and iPhone.  All the cards have been cancelled and nothing has been removed from any accounts.
The man is described as white, 5’6’’, Irish accent, round build wearing grey and white clothing.
24/4  Wednesday 6 p.m. / Thursday 11 a.m.  Club, Berries Road, Cookham  Garage break.  Entry forced through the roof and garden fork used to remove padlocks.  2 Honda mowers, 1 Stihl strimmer and 1 Stihl pressure washer stolen.
24/4  Wednesday 7.30 p.m.  Choseley Road, Knowl Hill.  Attempt to force the rear doors of a van open.  No entry gained and nothing stolen.
25/4  Thursday 10 p.m.  Queensway.  Brick thrown through a window.
25/4 - 26/4  Thursday 8 a.m. / Friday 5 a.m.  Bissley Drive.  Garden parasol, stolen from a rear garden
Recently, I received a few email from Qatar Airways, requesting me to view my bookings (-- I never make) in browser by clicking through a link.
Obviously I won't do that, however, just in case someone click through it with curiosity.
Please remind our community.  Thank you.
Best Regards
Absolutely right George
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