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Author Topic: The Garden in May  (Read 507 times)
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« on: May 11, 2019, 01:19:28 PM »

Spring is now in full bloon along with Mediterranean sun, February weather and rain and hail.

Lawns will look better for a weekly mowing but if you really donít want to lose those pretty daisies and dandelions then just mow a winding path around them. The bees and other insects will love you for it.

Asparagus is very much available this month! You can always pick your own at Copas Farms it is even better if it is homegrown, although my grandmother always said that if you plant an asparagus bed you will move house within two years.

Sow cucumber seeds this month, either singly in pots or direct, under cloches. Remember that they will need something to grow up if you want to avoid the fruits being munched by slugs. I noticed on TV recently that there was a Victorian cucumber straighterner, perhaps the EU had heard of it.

Rhubarb will now be ready, although first year plants are best left alone to mature. When harvesting rhubarb simply pull and twist, no knife required.

Runner beans donít just taste great but are decorative too. Sow them now and come July youíll have vibrant flowers followed by tasty beans. Try growing them at the back of the flower border but make sure you can still get to them for picking!

Plant out dahlias and cannas Ė some direct in the ground and some in pots to move around and fill gaps.

Deadhead daffodils and tulips but donít be tempted to cut the foliage down too soon. Thereís an unwritten 6-week rule! A liquid feed will also help build the bulbs for next yearís flowering.

Put plant supports in place now before your perennials get too big and start to flop.

Vine weevils get active this month, so you need to do the same! Vine Weevil Killer is available and is easy to use.

Any containers and pots will now benefit from a liquid feed every 2 to 4 weeks and donít forget that your citrus plants should by now have switched to summer feed.
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